An Alien Abduction Story: Extraterrestrials, Spirit Abduction or Sleep Paralysis?



For anyone who wonders about paranormal experiences, all they have to do is ask around.  Many people have their own personal experiences.  Within our circle of family, friends and acquaintances, we’d be surprised by the first-hand stories we hear.  I am not a fan of unverified second-hand stories.  But when people tell me their own actual experiences, it gets my attention.

I heard such a story this past weekend.

A young lady told me the following experience she had three years ago.  She lived in a second floor apartment with her husband.  Early one night while she was lying in bed with her husband sleeping next to her, she had not yet gone to sleep, when she noticed something outside the bedroom window.  A large disk of light, nearly filling the window, rose up like a giant version of the moon.  It became stationary, and she heard a buzzing sound. She became completely paralyzed.  Her paralysis was so complete she could not wiggle a finger.  She tried to awaken her sleeping husband but she was utterly unable to move.  She was terrified.  She felt an intense pressure, describing it as if something was inside her head trying to remove a part of her skull.  This lasted for a couple of minutes when the disk of light moved away from the window and her paralysis ceased.  She was frightened and could not sleep all night.

She then recounted an event that happened the previous day before her nighttime encounter.  On occasion her job required her to drive to the bank.  Usually it took half an hour.  That prior day, after taking care of the banking business, while driving back to the office, she noticed something very strange.  The clock in her car was over two hours past the time she left the office.  Nearly two hours were missing.  She hadn’t gone anywhere else, and had no idea where the time went.  When she returned to the office late she didn’t give it much thought afterwards.

ufoAfter her scary paralysis experience, she investigated what happened to her.  Only after reading about other people’s similar experiences did she make the connection between her own missing time and the events that transpired the night afterwards.  She was convinced aliens visited her.   Missing time, paralysis, the disk of light, the feeling of having something implanted or removed are all common elements of the phenomena.

What should we think of her experience?  Sleep paralysis combined with a waking hallucination would be a natural explanation.  Sleep paralysis is said to replicate some of the alien abduction sensations.  During REM sleep (rapid eye movement), the body is in paralysis.  Otherwise the body would fling around during REM sleep repeating the behavior in the dream.  When someone awakes from REM sleep, the body might continue this paralysis for a short time while conscious, which would be very disconcerting.   Vivid hallucinations often accompany waking from REM sleep.

However, she said she hadn’t gone to sleep yet and was wide-awake.  Plus we have the baffling missing time.  IF it was not sleep paralysis, was it a paranormal event?  Actual aliens?  We don’t know.  I can see why extraterrestrial intervention seems like the logical explanation for these phenomena.  We assume aliens would have almost magical abilities with their technology.   Perhaps a bit too magical.

Extraterrestrials seem to be invisible at will.  They can enter houses with closed windows and touch an individual while their spouse sleeps undisturbed in the same bed.  Can aliens move in and out of time and space? Sounds more like the behavior of spirits to me.  Some say that alien abductions are really out-of-body spirit/faeire abductions.   A clue is the buzzing sound and paralysis, which are the beginning stages of astral travel.   Out-of-body episodes would explain the missing time as well.   Was the disk of light a portal to where astral entities dwell?

She was lucky to have this experience.  She had a chance, however frightening, to experience something otherworldly.  If it was only (still rare) sleep paralysis, such an experience could be a learning experience in the origins of a lot of mythology.  If it was a real encounter with aliens or spirits, better yet.  THAT would really be a learning experience!

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    Never had anything like that happen to me. There are other reasons for lost time, though. It’s a common symptom of multiple personality disorder (or whatever they’re calling it this week).

    Long story how I know that.

  2. David Says:

    It is hard to believe this stuff really happens, but this is what she experienced. When someone tells a personal experience like this it has credibility. It really makes me wonder what is actually going on. This young lady is a very credible woman. She is a law student.

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  4. *lynne* Says:

    I’ve had some run-ins with the other side.. blogged about some of them here, if you don’t mind dropping by :)

  5. Stephanie Says:

    I don’t discount that odd and paranormal stuff happens.

    I have plenty of stories of my own there, too. Lost time, though, has many explanations. I don’t know that alien abduction isn’t one of them, though.

  6. David Says:

    Hi Lynne, I’ll stop by and check out your experiences. I think people who are skeptics, all they have to do is ask around and they’ll hear strange stories that will challenge their skepticism. It seems almost everybody has at least one experience that might be paranormal.

  7. David Says:

    Stephanie, substance abuse can cause lost time. But then we’d know the cause and in that case it isn’t aliens!

  8. Steve X Says:

    I’ve had some interesting bouts of sleep paralysis, the weidest was probably seeing a dancing nun at the bottom of my bed. Another time there was an large angry red bee on my hand and I was terrified it was going to sting me, but when I fully woke I realised I had gone to sleep lying on my arm and had cut the circulation to my hand.
    Whenever I have these episodes there is a strange smell which seems to be in my throat and nostrils, as opposed to coming from outside. I can’t describe the smell but it’s definitely not burnt toast.

  9. David Says:

    Steve, your sleep paralysis is interesting. How long does it last? Can you move at all? That has to be a scary experience.

  10. Eitan Mizrahi Says:

    (Sorry for my English …)

    I had before 20 years a UFO meeting.
    It was so close …
    I had seen more sites when seeing the UFO, then just UFO, that turn clues about connections between NASA & IDF & UFOs.
    Because of that, some officers, which served in the army, talk to me as insane.

    I see also many instruments and some aliens on my sleep.
    (Maybe a warning sign of an earthquaque, but since I was insane, no-one listen to me).

    For 20 years, I am keeping that case.
    I live normal life (job, family, car, etc …)
    I would like to talk to some famous people, to represent my story, like Edgar Mitchel.

    I can send you the full story, but keep it on secret, please.

    Thanks :)

  11. Lindsay Says:

    Never had any missing time events, but I love reading about them.

    Though, I do go through episodes of sleep paralysis very often and have had them since I was a teenager. Every event of missing time and even alien abduction stories I have heard sound absolutely nothing like a case of sleep paralysis. I’m sure what transpires during sleep paralysis varies from person to person, but, all the same, I’m baffled as to why so many are willing to use the condition as an excuse for the paranormal.

  12. David Says:

    Lindsay, it certainly could sleep paralysis. However, what I find intriguing is that the day before she had missing time. Are they connected? Could sleep paralysis and missing time be symptoms of something similar? There are so many instances of this combination of experiences. I don’t know the answer.

  13. Tristan Says:

    I just had this experince last night I couldn’t move any part of my body and I was having trouble breathing. It felt like something was holding me down, I heard a ringing noise in my ear then sort of like a laugh followed by a buzzing noise in my room. Im still looking for an explanation…any thoughts?

  14. David Says:

    Hi Tristan, it could just be sleep paralysis. I never experienced sleep paralysis so I can’t say. In folklore it is called a “hagging”. The idea is of an old hag sitting on your chest trying to strangle you as you sleep. Sleeping disorders or just be a bad dream. Then again the dream world can be direct connection with higher realities.

  15. Graham Says:

    I’ve experienced sleep paralysis upon waking many times. Always wondered if anyone else did. Usually happens when I’m awakening from the strangest dreams, usually involving aliens. Never seen the hag, but I can always feel someone in the room and can even feel the bed sag when they sit on the bed. If you want to fight this the only thing I’ve ever been able to do is concentrate on breathing and try to breathe harder. That usually breaks the paralysis.

  16. Simon Says:

    I’m french from quebec,so i’ll try to be comprehensible.When i was young i had a couple of ”dreams”where someone invisible would take me off bed and carry me throught my house(even throught the celling).One day when i was five,my religion-moral teacher asked the class to draw ,in a book we had, something weird that happened home.(probably to detect child abuse and stuff).I spontaniously draw an invisible man taking me off bed and making me float around the house.Now,is it an astral travel i don’t know.Can anybody really tell what is an astral travel anyway???I mean,i was five then,but one of the ”dream-astral travel-thing i had” is still VERY clear to my mind.The reason why is because i’ve been scared.Now i’m an electrician and a pictural artist,i don’t know how credible is that,but you can all be sure it took me a lot of guts writing this down on the net.I’ve never personally drawn any conclusion about these experiences,I ‘m a VERY sceptical guy,and really these experiences could only be dreams,astral travels(???),or anything else.All i can do is to describe the one ”dream” that’s haunting me:I started to fly off my bed, but this time i went circling in my room and went close to the window,Then , i started to rise and got closer and closer to the ceiling.Once i got ,let’s say ,to a feet close to the ceiling , i raised my hands to prevend me to hit the ceiling ,and at this same time i REALLY got scared.Then i felt this weird feeling you have when you go into an rollercoaster,like your heart wants to leave you.And then i fell in my bed ,in a strange oblic fall,and i swear i felt the landing with my back and legs.I Know i’m not direcly responding to the topic and that i am exposing a personal experience.But i would like to ask this question:when we, or the physicians, or the scientist are giving names to the unexplanable,are we really resolving anything?Me for example,I don’t beleive in spirits,but if someone somewhere sees one with his own eyes,i could tell him anything, that he is been exposed to very low frequencies and that it has created ”Images” by deforming the curve of is eyes..or that he was exposed to too many stress and that he is in a state of extreme paranoia combined with a psychose…there no end to point is,we will never know because we are limited by our senses and by the way we modelise the world around us,which is influenced by our physionomy and mental structures.I never wrote so many sentences a a row, i kwon that it shows…i just hope i’ve benn understandable a bit.Thanks

  17. Simon Says:

    oh and i mom really seen and ufo.It happened in Saint-Adolf in the laurentides,Quebec.And later that day the radio and television confirmed that radars of the us military base nearby had caught something really strange.These’s some weird stuff that are it happened to my mom,but it’s my mom and i beleive her.

  18. David Says:

    Hi Simon,
    That is very interesting. I am a big believer in people’s first hand experiences. These experiences are very real. What exactly is happening, we don’t know. But something is happening. I think skeptics dismiss people’s experiences, but when we add up all these experiences, it can’t just be disregarded. When I hear someone’s personal experiences with the paranormal, I listen intently for the details. In the details we might learn something important.

  19. David Says:

    Simon, that sure sounds like an astral experience to me. Very interesting. This invisible person could be related to the alien/fairy phenomena. There is a long history in folklore and actual experiences (like your own) that suggest there are entities that sometimes interact with humanity, and carry away our astral body. The result is missing time, out-of-body experiences, and encounters with entities that seem to assume the form of images from our imagination. In the past they would be faeries, today they appear as UFO aliens. Why they choose some people, and not others is a question I would dearly love to understand. It is a rare and special experience, no matter how scary it is. In the details of the experience, we can learn valuable new information into the nature of this. Thanks for your personal story

  20. Simon Says:

    what scared me the most i guess was to speak about it…thanks dave,you’re a great guy.

  21. David Says:

    Hi Ann,
    An encounter with entities is scary. But what can we learn from such an experience? From what I can figure out, these experiences are really rare and special. I want to understand what is going on. Dare we plunge into the unknown for hidden knowledge?

  22. RG Says:

    Interesting article….yes I’ve read various articles (some on Christian websites!) that alien/UFO phenomenon could be linked to ghosts/demons/spirits/etc. The interesting thing is, according to eye-witness accounts, UFOs completely disobey our natural laws of physics; eg., gravity and inertia have no effect on UFOs! Definitely seems like a spiritual entity to me….

  23. David Says:

    Hi RG,
    If aliens can dematerialize, pass thru walls and abduct an individual without waking up their spouse in bed, and return them later without incident, thatis a pretty good trick even for the most advanced extraterrestrial civilization. But if these aliens are spiritual entities of some type, then invading the consciousness at night when someone is most susceptible is the way to go. They could still be aliens, but extra-dimensional and not extraterrestrial.

  24. Rose Says:

    Hi David.

    I think your theory on extra-dimensional and not extraterrestrial is very interesting. I often have sleep paralysis and it is quite alarming.

    With it there’s usually a feeling of fear as I ‘feel’ another being within the room. It’s hard to decipher what is real as everything around me is as it would be in waking life -including time.

    Even my dogs have interacted with my paralysis/hallucination. On one occassion, as I felt ‘the entity’ getting near me (yet I could not move) my dog began to growl and bark. I could feel my dogs’s hair on my toes/feet so I knew I was half-conscious. It was strange that I knew I was half-asleep and frightened and yet my dog was confirming my fear with his bark.

    I will say, though, that in the last few months the word entities has been prevalentin my dreams.

    In one dream, I sat with a coven and they were teaching me psychometry and how to use that along with wielding energy to remove entities that plague humans.

    I have no idea where this idea came from.

  25. David Says:

    Hi Rose,

    Sleep paralysis could be entirely natural, but it could also be a doorway to the astral realm. Your dream about being taught psychometry is interesting. You might have spiritual guides trying to contact you. The form they appear in would not their true form, but how we perceive them. I’d suggest trying to communicate with them more deeply next time, and get a feel if they are only a dream, or if they feel like sentient, self-aware entities. You may learn truly valuable insights. Many times dreams reveal hidden insights that seem to have come from somewhere else.


  26. Matt Says:

    I have had this frequently since about the age of 9. I always believed that the people that thought they were actually dealing with entities (ETs, dimensional beings or otherwise) just did not understand their own minds very well. As the sleep paralysis continued into my 30s I had learned to fearlessly gain control of the experience and turn them into OBEs. The OBE experience is similar to the sleep paralysis in that the perceived world is a mixture of dream and reality. The main difference is that I am totally mobile (fly and go through or sit on walls) and the pressure,noise and ambient fear are gone. I have had this experience in unfamiliar physical settings where in the OBE I went into unknown rooms/spaces that I could later verify as reality the next day when awake. One of the most interesting things to do in this OBE state is to find a mirror and look at my reflection. I have no face just kind of vibrating skin that is somehow confusing to look at but I cannot explain how so. I don’t know what the hell that is all about but I have never seen my face in the mirror in an OBE. It is ALWAYS the same. The rest of my body is perfectly normal- although I am floating. Clocks are also strange like this. Digital clocks just swirl and watches with hands are broken off and loose under the glass of the watch face. In this state I have also had prophetic type experiences but it is rare. So, as a result of all this, my views have radically changed on the otherworldly nature of sleep paralysis. Speaking of otherworldly, I started regularly seeing UFO about a year ago. I always thought UFOs were even more silly than I had previously thought taking SP entities as real. Now I know UFOS are real. I usually see stationary star sized flashes above my at 90 degrees or slightly lower. The flashes are randomly spaced and stay in the exact same spot for sometimes over 20 minutes- then just stop. So, because I am the same guy that has always experienced sleep paralysis, I am beginning to wonder if the sleep paralysis/alien abduction phenomenon is not an either or question. Instead both theories are needed to grasp the meaning of these experiences.

  27. Matt Says:

    From age nine to about 33 the sleep paralysis happened almost nightly. While I was in college, it was every time I went to sleep. Now that I am 39. it occurs more like monthly. I miss the experience now that it is more infrequent even though it is a very trying ordeal.

  28. David Says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for recounting your experience; your story is fascinating. Your account of the OBE has wonderful details, and in these details are the clues to understanding the Unseen World. Why was your face not visible in the mirror during the OBE? That is a very good question and I don’t have an answer, only guesses. As for UFOs, are they physical realities, do they exist outside of time/space or both simultaneously? You are lucky; you are in a position to investigate these enigmas!

  29. Penny Says:

    What an interesting article, and the comments are just as interesting! I’ve experienced “sleep” paralysis on and off for years. I am now 48. However, I am not always asleep nor waking up when this paralysis begins. Often, I have felt it begin at one point of the body–the legs for instance–and gradually slide up until my entire body is unable to move. I then may feel as though I am sinking downward or feel a tugging sensation (rare). In the early days of this phenomenon, I would struggle, trying to fight off the paralysis with success, only to have it “capture” me again. Most of the time there are no sounds that accompany this paralysis.

    —– Circa 1987 I awoke at about 3 AM flat on my back on the couch and unable to move anything BUT my head. The livingroom was mostly dark except for two areas where moonlight shown in through parted blinds. I felt a steady downward pressure on the lower part of my stomach. Then as that was continuing, I heard close to my right ear a distinct growling sound that did not frighten me as much as it could have. For some reason, I knew that it was a language,–as unpleasant as it sounded–and I could not make sense of it. This “talking” went on for about a minute or less and stopped, the stomach pressure was gone, then I saw shadow movement in the room. I sensed there were at least four Beings in the room with me. One to my right that was growling, one at the foot of the couch that had likely been messing about stomach area, and two to my far left. I have the impression that they were tall and very slender. I saw one shadow turn right into the hall (which leads to the bedrooms–the first one being my daughter’s–she was about 5 years old) and another flitted quickly into the kitchen. This is the most convincing movement, for whatever this being was, it cast a long narrow shadow on the kitchen wall. The blinds were up in that room and the moonlight shone through unhindered. My guess later was that the Being entered through the sink and cabinet wall and right into my daughter’s room. I watched the dark for other movement but could only get a sense that the other two presences had went down the hall, as well. There were no further movement, nothing ever came back out of the kitchen and the paralysis had broke. The first thing I did was to open the blinds and look up at the sky. I so frightened, I refused to leave that livingroom, remaining in the moonlight until daybreak (5 AM).

    I chanced to tell my next door neighbor about my experiences experience a few weeks or so earlier (All I remember was that I awoke paralized, had tremendous difficulty breathing, and I called on Jesus for help because I felt I was going to die,and the paralysis broke). They later told me that something had happened that night or a day or so later in their apartment. The wife was Christian and into loud foot stomping prayer. She was in the bedroom and something came into the room (she did not go into detail) and she threw holy water on it and cursed it and it was gone. I recounted my neighbor’s experience to my stepmother (she has some psychic ability and is also religious). My stepmother believed that the visitors were likely ET in origin and that my neighbor and her husband were making light of my experience (talking bad about me behind my back) and that the Beings decided to pay her a visit as proof of the reality of my experience. Whatever happened, the wife conceded that something real had definitely happened to me that night, and that she didn’t want “them” visiting her anymore. hahaha

    —– In 1989 I began having constant UFO and Alien-related dreams, loads more paralysis events, Astral Projection type experiences began (a couple times I’d actually see the body I had left), and events of Clairaudience began. So was the “visitation” Alien-related? Demons? I don’t know. Other than being frightened, I was not harmed, and that was the 2nd most vivid paranormal experience I’ve ever had.

  30. David Says:

    Hi Penny,
    Thanks so much for recounting your experience. That was an incredible story. I am uncertain what these entities are, but they do exist. I don’t know why they choose to visit any particular individual. Could it be random chance? Or maybe some people have an innate sensitivity to the “invisible world” and notice these entities where most of us are oblivious to their existence.

  31. Tiffany Says:

    I find these stories very interesting. I myself have had many past experiences and often find that I cannot answer why these things have taken place in my life. As a child I was normal. But things changed for me when my family moved into an old house. From the ages of 11 to 17 experiences with the paranomal poured into my life at an overwhelming rate. I kept them to myself mostly believing that I was the only one in our home to have seen, heard and felt these other-worldly beings. Only to find out later that my father had experienced unexplainable things happening to him as well. What I can share with you are two very important experience’s that I hold close in memory and which have never seemed to fade with time. The first happened on a normal night when I was about 13 years old. I was awoken by the sense that someone was in my room. I opened my eyes and looked to the foot of my bed where I felt a heavy weight by my feet. There was someone there. My room was very dark so I couldn’t make out a face, all I could see was a silohuette of a man looking back at me. But this silohuette wasn’t normal. The head was an odd shape. If you could imagine what I saw you can picture that from the cheeks up to about ear length, it was normal, but then going up.. the side’s of the head were much wider than a human’s head should be shaped. It’s sort of like placing a heart on a human face. The structure is just not the same. I remember feeling at ease and peace. At the time of seeing this I thought to myself that it was only a family member and I went back to sleep. But before I did, I called out a name of a family member in a questionable manner and it did not respond back to me. Still I insisted that it was a family member and went back to sleep. The second incident took place within only a month or so after the first. I was awoken by a very loud noise. It sounded as if a train was coming at me through my bedroom window. I can recall a bright light flashing for only a moment before I opened my eyes. It was then at that moment that fear came upon me as I opened my eyes to see at least six silohuette’s of being’s surrounding my bed. The only way that I can explain it today is that I went into a deep shock. My entire body was held against will. After minutes of fighting to let out a scream my mother came running into my room and turned on my light. The difference with this experience and the first is that this one went on. It came back from time to time. Not so much the seeing of shadows in my room but it got worse with time. It usually happened in my bedroom. I would be awoken by the feeling that an unknown force was standing at the side of my bed trying to take me. Each time I would fight it. Each time I would win. But only once (as far as I know) was I just weak enough to be taken to a place of white. I call it this because this is all that I could see. There was no one holding me up, only myself floating on my back, fighting this force as I was being taken down a very long extra bright white hallway. I don’t remember what happened after that. I don’t remember if I gave in to this force of power over me. I can see how many people call it sleep poralysis because they feel that they have solved the puzzle but it doesn’t changed the experiences that I have had. I know, after many many visitation’s with the unknown that it is not just a sleeping disorder. There is a paranormal world that exists on this planet. For a long time I questioned what had happened to me that night. Did I see a ghost? Was I visited by aliens? I have never really been a big believer in alien life.. but lately I am beginning to realize that there is so much that we don’t know of. It puts fear in me today to think that maybe after all of the time that has passed, maybe I was in explanation, abducted? And I will never know. What I can say is that for the passed two years I have been free of the “force” that would visit me. But I feel as if it will come back one day. Being awoken by tiny little footsteps approaching the side of my bed these days doesn’t help my situation at all. All we can do is question. Many are going oppose and few believe. That is just the way of the world I guess.

  32. David Says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    What an interesting and amazing story. Thank you for sharing it with us. I don’t think this is only sleep paralysis. It shares similarities with sleep paralysis, but this is something very different. I personally don’t believe these are physical extraterrestrials. Physical beings would not be so subtle. But they are aliens never-the-less, non-human entities. Sometimes and somehow, they make contact. Why they choose one person over another is a mystery.


  33. Eva Says:

    I have experienced this too. First time I thought it was just a dream or my brain going crazy. But later, when I started experience other strange things… well then I understood that it was something else. Aliens? Maybe, because I have seen UFOs 3 times.

  34. Carly Says:

    What is the second painting called? (The woman with the demon on her)

  35. David Says:

    Hi Carly,
    That is The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781).

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