alert-systemAs a public service, the Occult View’s End-of-the-world Warning System has been lowered from RED ALERT (imminent end of the world) to GREEN ALERT (remain watchful).  It seems the danger of humanity’s collapse due to the swine flu has passed…for now.

However, this warning system might return to red alert at any instant. There has been speculation as to the cause of the swine flu.  The Occult View has conducted an investigation into the cause of the swine flu.  We have been able to “connect the dots” where others have not to discover the TRUE nature of what has transpired. The world’s governments do NOT want the truth to be told!  But as a service to humanity, we are compelled to reveal the results of our investigation.

Reptile Threat Documentary Footage

Reptile Threat Documentary Footage

To understand the origin of the swine flu, we have to go back to the 1950s and 1960s Japan.  Having observed documentaries about a giant reptile that threatened the island nation, I made a stunning observation.  These documentaries showed the Japanese military wore white gloves as they defended their nation against this threat.  This is the vital missing clue!  Obviously they wore white gloves to protect themselves from the swine flu!

Now it is 2009 and the same lizard has been sighted in Mexico City during the swine flu pandemic.  Mere coincidence?  Observe the following news stories:

April 27 2009:
MEXICO CITY   Swine flu shuttered Mexico’s government operations, schools, and many private businesses, and canceled church services and public Cinco de Mayo festivities.

April 27 2009:
MEXICO CITY   A strong earthquake is rattling nerves in Mexico City, where the swine flu outbreak has already stirred up fear. The magnitude-5.6 quake swayed tall buildings and sent office workers running into the streets.

There is one conclusion…the swaying buildings and running office workers were the result of this giant lizard in Mexico City.  Since most people were indoors to avoid contact with the flu, most residents did not actually see this giant lizard.  Yet its presence was clearly felt.   Is this creature is the source of the contagion?  Any actual evidence of this creature has been suppressed.

However, the Occult View has obtained the following photographic evidence (below) taken at the time of the earthquake.  Look carefully and you might spot the cause of both the earthquake and the swine flu.   The important question is…where and when will this disease-bearing creature appear next?  At the next sighting, we will raise our End-Of-The-World Alert System to RED.

An UPDATE, check out this site for further supporting evidence: Mexico: Really Big Footprints

Mexico City

Mexico City

Mexico during Earthquake

Mexico during Earthquake


  1. Stephanie Says:

    Slow day? Actually, when my daughter had a snake (long story), snake experts around me told me that they often had salmonella on their outer surfaces so we were assiduous about washing our hands.

    You might be more accurate than you think. Except that’s obviously a fake. The “real” godzilla looks more dragon-y.

  2. David Says:

    What?! Do I detect a hint of skepticism concerning my photos? Do you suggest they were somehow…altered? Well…I am mortified! Just wait until this giant lizard shows up in YOUR neighborhood; who will have the last laugh then! HA!

    Stephanie, when I was a kid I had a pet turtle in a tank. I was told that turtles have all kinds of germs and to avoid them as pets, but I wanted one anyway. I can imagine the germs growing in that aquarium…a real-life Gamera! For anyone interested in the true reptile threat, check out this webpage from the government’s Center for Disease Control about reptiles as pets:

    Keep them away from children under 5 years old. An interesting factoid “An estimated 70,000 people get salmonellosis from contact with reptiles in the United States each year.” And we panic over swine flu when the “enemy” is in our own aquarium!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Ha! I was right! And salmonella is one of those bugs I sure as heck don’t want. We’re all out of reptiles at the moment (and my daughter’s interest faded almost immediately on the snake). We have rats (as pets) now but are sadly short on cats. :(

    My husband and my son are both dragons, though, and vouch for (a) the inaccuracy of that portrayal of Godzilla and (b) my safety if she comes looking around her for a snack. Dragons rarely fight together and also aren’t “true” reptiles according to my husband. Admittedly, he has never given me salmonella.

  4. David Says:

    Stephanie, your husband is wise in the ways of monsters. He is quite correct, Godzilla is not a lizard. Godzilla is a dinosaur, albeit mutated by radiation. People think dinosaurs and lizards are the same thing, but that is a misperception. Dinosaurs are actually related to birds. Birds are our living decedents from dinosaurs, so Godzilla could be considered a giant…bird. This brings up an interesting thought. This new swine flu is actually a combination of different flu strains…human flu, swine flu….and avian flu. So there is a bird flu combined with these. A Godzilla connection?

    I see how easy it is to come up with these conspiracy theories…connect the dots while ignoring reality!

  5. Thorne Says:

    Haha! Very good!

  6. roy Says:

    It is my opinion h1n1 flu was a conspiracy controlled the vaccination companies. Many of my other friends also believe that it was designed to kill people, but I believe the whole thing was just hyped by the media who were influenced by the international companies that sold the vaccinations to the various governments!

  7. paul Says:

    Wacko jacko wore white gloves ……… maybe you have stumbled into something !!!!

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