Obama’s Star Trek Connection

Obama's Star Trek Connection

Obama's Star Trek Connection

I thought I’d write about Obama’s Star Trek connection.  It is a little known fact, and one of the reasons he is president today.  I am from Illinois, so I’ve watched the rise of Obama from the beginning.   During Obama’s 2004 run for the Illinois Senate, he was up against a new Republican candidate Jack Ryan.  Jack Ryan was an attractive, fairly moderate guy who would have given Obama a real run for the Senate seat.

However, there was a “scandal” that really wasn’t a scandal and Jack Ryan withdrew from the general election.  What alleged scandal?  Jack Ryan used to be married to the actress Jeri Ryan, best know for her role as Seven of Nine in the TV series ‘Star Trek Voyager’.  Jeri Ryan played the role of a former Borg returned to humanity…while dressed in a spandex jumpsuit!   Jack and Jeri divorced in 1999, and their divorce records were sealed.  Yet these divorce records were opened during the campaign, and in them were allegations that Jack wanted Jeri to go to sex clubs and have sex in public. 

Well…we’d expect the Democrats to jump all over this alleged scandal.  Nope, they didn’t.  The Democrats were “ho-hum…nobody else’s business”.  It was Ryan’s own fellow Republicans who jumped on it.  The family values crowd went ballistic!  It looked like Ryan was forced out by the right-wing of his own party, who were not happy with a married man wanting to (allegedly) do the kinky with his wife.

The right wing of the Illinois Republican party then picked the PERFECT candidate to replace Jack Ryan.  Who else but Alan Keyes?  Keyes was an African American religious-right conservative activist best know for his social issue advocacy, and who had no connection with Illinois.  It was as if the Illinois Republicans had lost their minds.  Obama won, 70% to 27%.  Since then the Republican Party in Illinois has totally collapsed.  We used to have a healthy two party system in this state, but since the Right took over the Republican Party they have shrunk into irrelevance. 

The self-destructiveness of the right-wing of the Republican Party is interesting.  Just now Senator Alan Specter left the Republican Party to become a Democrat handing Obama a filibuster proof Senate.  What happened to the Illinois Republicans seems to be replaying itself on the national scene.  The Republicans are on the way to becoming marginalized and irrelevant.  What political party prospers by purifying (purging) their membership of moderates?  The Democrats did the opposite and ran moderate or conservative Democrats in Republican districts with great success.

Geithner demonstrating Vulcan nerve pinch

Geithner demonstrating Vulcan nerve pinch

On another note…has anybody noticed that President Obama’s Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner looks suspiciously like a Vulcan?  Every time I see him on television, I think he does.  Those arched eyebrows, those odd looking ears, the unblinking stare and the furrowed brow.  Even his name Geithner has a Vulcan sound to it.  Could the Vulcans have infiltrated the highest branches of our government?  Should we be concerned?  Check out these photos…what do you think?  Vulcan or not?

Vulcan Geithner

Vulcan Geithner

8 Responses to “Obama’s Star Trek Connection”

  1. anne Says:

    it was their [sealed] Child Custody papers that held the damning testimony.
    Jack Ryan was asked by his party,
    “is there anything in those files that we should know of?”
    He said: “No.” {that was not the truth!
    I got the impression it was his lack of disclosure the Republicans were offended by.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Anne,
    Yeah, that was part of it. But if I were in his shoes…would I want to tell the world about my personal sexual relationship with my wife? No. That was nobody’s business. I think Jack Ryan actually had a chance to get elected. The problem with Illinois is it’s now a one party state and our governance is absolutely horrible. We had the Rod Blagojevich mess. Our taxes are being raised without restraint while our street’s potholes are not being fixed. We need a healthy two-party system to keep our politicians from running amok. We need competition. If the Republicans go off an ideological cliff it does nobody any good.

    Here is an interesting column from Carol Marin (a local Sun-Times columnist) who had an article today about our state’s sorry Democratic party:


  3. Arlene deWinter Says:

    Oh Chicago politics! How archetypal! Scandalous! Sleazy! When has it ever been different? Of course in Massachusetts we had no such problems.

  4. DrDeb Says:

    I thought I was going to die laughing to see Tim Geithner with Vulcan ears! I would like to add to the Obama/Star Trek connection that one of the goals of the original Star Trek series was to break down divisions between people (e.g., racial and gender divisions), and I think Obama did a great job trying to break down religious divisions in his first 100 days of office:

  5. David Says:

    Dr Deb, you are right on about the Star Trek series. It was made during a time of racial strife and really showed us how the future should be socially. I think Trek creator Gene Roddenberry would have been very pleased if he had lived to see Obama president. The future is now!

    Now, if our presidents were captains of the Enterprise, which captain would they be? I see Obama as an intellectual, self-controlled Captain Picard type. Bush? Sort of like a dumb version of Kirk. But a religious Kirk! Imagine Captain Kirk who frowned on womanizing, and promoted family values on the bridge. Prayers before boarding the bridge! That would be one scary Captain Kirk!

  6. Political Irony › The Politics of Star Trek Says:

    […] a way, Star Trek is somewhat responsible for Obama’s rise in politics! When Obama was running for the Illinois Senate in 2004, his opponent was Republican Jack Ryan, […]

  7. Malcolm Kohus Says:

    I loved it! My cousin and I have been obsessed since we were teens. It was really fun to see how the characters met and developed their friendships. The choice of young performers was mesmorizing?young Kirk and Spock, wonderful! Any idea when we can expect the next Star Trek?.

  8. victor bee Says:

    and so it goes; everything you need to know , everything that is important, you either can get from or is influenced by Star Trek…

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