The Secret of True Magic

secret of true magic

secret of true magic

The law of attraction, manifesting reality, and magic are concepts that are basically interchangeable.   The methods and techniques used to alter reality are similar when brought down to their essentials.  Essentially, it is using our thoughts to create patterns in some form of cosmic energy or vibration which then reverberates down to affect our physical existence.

The law of attraction uses control over our thought process to accomplish this.  Magic uses ritual and altered states of consciousness to achieve the same thing.  An interesting question is…how does this work?  There are vague ideas about vibrations and energies and unity with the universe.  It seems the techniques are highly developed, but the theories behind the mechanics are not.  Which is reasonable since nobody really knows how it works.  But lack of understanding won’t stop me putting in my two cents worth!

What is this cosmic vibration that manifests reality?  I will offer the ideas developed by mystics, occultists, spiritualists and cabalists.  These ideas are speculative, but make for interesting food for thought.  Above is a graphic I made to illustrate the point I will make. 

According to some mystical viewpoints, there are different levels of reality.  At the highest level is the realm of Spirit which exists outside out time and space.  We have no direct contact with this reality.  Spirit created the Big Bang as an act of creation, the ultimate manifestation of reality.   From the Big Bang and the creation of the Universe, all the levels beneath were created. 

The level below Spirit is the Abstract level.  These are the laws of reality which are revealed in mathematics.  It is not matter and not energy, but the rules that govern physicality.  It seems to be closely related to the science of quantum mechanics.  These laws created evolution…and sentient life.

The level below Abstract is the Astral level.  The astral level is the level of consciousness, sentience, the subconscious, and the mind.  The mind (Astral body) is not matter, it is not energy, and it is not only biology or even information, but something all together different then anything else in the universe.  Consciousness is unique.  It is the pinnacle of Universal creation, the big bang’s last act. 

Below the astral level is the etheric level.  This seems to be a finer form of matter invisible to us.  It is closely related to life, auras, chakra and our invisible body.  It might also be related to cosmology’s dark matter.  Not long ago the idea of an invisible world all around us would be scoffed at.  Now science recognizes that invisible dark matters makes up most of the universe’s matter, but have zero idea what it is.  It is the realm of ghosts and possibility other entities. 

Finally we have the physical world we all know, the realm understood by science, of matter and energy. 

What then is the mechanics behind magic?  The secret is that all these levels co-exist simultaneously in everything.  All individuals are made of the spirit, abstract, astral, etheric and physical levels.  According to the theory, the astral level (the mind) can send patterns up to the spirit level, and then it returns descending back down vibrating through all the levels until it reaches the physical world…manifesting reality.  The tricky part seems to be contacting the realm of Spirit which exists outside of time/space.  The techniques for magic seem to have that as the ultimate goal in one fashion or another. 

In future posts I will examine each of these levels of existence in more detail.

5 Responses to “The Secret of True Magic”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I agree that this is a possible description of the worlds beyond the easily explained. However, although I have no trouble with believing in magic and psychic power and the like, I’m not convinced we know enough about it to compartmentalize it so readily.

    That isn’t to say you’re wrong, just that I don’t know that I’m ready to just buy into it wholesale.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Stephanie, I am not sure what to make of these concepts myself. How can anybody really know? These ideas are not necessarily what I believe, but the thoughts of others on the topic. They are based on old stuff, like the Kabbalah and the tree of life. I buy into the basic idea of aligning one’s self in harmony with the Spirit. The details are anybody’s guess.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I can live with that. That was sort of my take. I know all this is in there, but I’m not sure anyone really has a handle on how it all works together – although many think they know.

  4. DrDeb Says:

    I agree that the Law of Attraction is simply a form of magic. It’s trying to take the natural flow of the universe and bend it to your own egotistical will. I’ve been interested to note the number of Christians who shun the Harry Potter books because of their focus on magic, yet turn around and buy “The Secret” in droves!

  5. David Says:

    DrDeb, I was thinking about writing a post about why the Law of Attraction is like Vegetarianism. Both are worthy and beneficial, but they won’t give meaning to life. They are a means to an end and not the end itself. The whole idea of “magic” seems the same way to me. Anything “magical” would be hard to sustain anyway. The flip side of the coin is Theurgy, which is about methods of perfecting oneself and finding enlightenment. If we want to change our life, it is better to look within ourselves then outside.

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