Are women more spiritual then men?

High Priestess

High Priestess

Are women more spiritual then men? On the surface, it would seem to be. Think of all the people you know. It seems women, regardless of their faith, are more into daily spirituality then men. But it is really so? Women pray more, are usually the ones who have to gather the family for church or handle the religious chores.  Guys would rather play golf on Sunday.

I think men are not more or less spiritual, but are spiritual in a different way. It comes down to the basic difference in the way men and women think. Men are mostly left brain types, thinking more logically and that everything has to have a purpose. Women tend to be more right brain, thinking more emotionally and with intuition. It seems that spiritually of any stripe would be primarily a right-brain inspired function. Men mostly approach spirituality with their left-brain logic, which can lead to problems. The masculine left-brain approach to spirituality focuses on dogma, theology, and power.



If women are generally more spiritually oriented then men, why do men call all the shots and make all the rules with religion? It’s not even close to 50/50 where half of the religious leadership is male, half female. Religion is a male dominated arena. Pastors, priests, patriarchs, evangelists, popes, preachers, rabbis and mullahs are virtually all male. Men are in charge because our testosterone makes us more aggressive then women, and that is the bottom line. In life victory goes to the most aggressive, not the most gentle, and that includes matters of religion. With the male left-brain approach to spirit we focus on theology over love.

An example of masculine spirituality was in the news recently: Pakistan has approved Islamic law in Pakistan’s Swat Valley in a peace accord with the Taliban. I watched the news footage showing bearded Taliban dudes practicing their version of Islamic law by whipping a guy accused of homosexuality and a woman of adultery. I thought to myself, if women were in charge it would be a different world.

There are new frontiers of spirituality that place power with women in equal measure with men. These frontiers are our pagan and Wiccan communities. Paganism is unique with their idea of the Goddess. Their beliefs focus more on personal experience and interaction then adhering to some rigid dogmas. So far I have not heard of any fundamentalist pagans, but if guys ever take over paganism, for sure that would happen next!



Looking at the oldest versions of the Tarot cards, there is a strange card, number 2, the Papess, the female Pope. Later it was redesigned to be the High Priestess. There is the legend of Pope Joan who was supposed to rule as Pope for three years in the 800’s. Disguised as a man she became pope until she got pregnant. There is no proof of a female pope but what is important was that it was widely believed long ago. What makes the story and card remarkable is how out of place she was. What is this card saying? Maybe that spirituality should not be male dominated. Tarot cards are wonderful in putting equal emphasis on both the male and female duality.

The High Priestess card is a call to equality in Spirit.

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    This was an excellent and thought-provoking post and I think you have some excellent posts.

    I’m disturbed by the notion that power and agression drives the leadership of spirituality – I think you’re right, but what a notion. It is a brilliant explanation of why I’ve been largely disenchanted with organized religion. Power plays, intolerance, dogma – all to me are the antithesis of spirituality, of what I think religion is for.

    Using spirituality as a means to control others (as has been a handy mechanism throughout the ages) is reprehensible to me. Think of all the horrors in history and today if that were disallowed, if that were beyond the pale. Religious wars, intolerance-born atrocities, political machinations, the villification of classes of people – all might have never happened.

    So, I’m female. Or had you figured that out.

  2. Ash Says:

    Well said. We need a time when we can balance both the masculine and feminine – to put right action along with the intuition.

  3. David Says:

    Hi Stephanie, last night I watched on TV as these poor souls were beaten by the Taliban and I had to think…what the *%$#. Watching that motivated today’s blog. What is the thought process behind religious domination? It’s not “live and let live”, that’s for sure!

  4. David Says:

    Hi Ash,
    Balance, the ying/yang, is one of the great spiritual ideals. I don’t recall hearing Buddhist trying to dominate others. There is a great deal to be said for the peacefulness of Buddhism. But their gentleness is trampled on, like in Tibet. Aggression still overcomes gentleness.

  5. DrDeb Says:

    Great article — I agree with the thread above about finding the balance between the masculine and the feminine, and I added your site as one of my favorites.

    You wrote in a comment above that “Aggression still overcomes gentleness.” That certainly seems to be the case, based on everything we see just by turning on the evening news. And yet the major Teachings of the world quite consistently note that in a battle, the victor is the one who yields. The weak overcomes the strong. The flowing water will eventually triumph over the stone. Gandhi was a living example of nonviolence triumphing over aggression, but those kinds of examples seem rare.

  6. attract wealth Says:

    Excellent post and very thought provoking. I think a lot of things considered spiritual are of a gentler nature and therefore considered to be feminine and passive. i think this is why some men may have trouble connecting with it.

  7. David Says:

    Dr Deb, I think aggression, in the long run, self-destructs. For every aggressive male there is another alpha-male more then willing to butt heads. It becomes a rutting contest and little is accomplished. A prime example would be our past eight years, politically speaking. I think we had a non-alpha leader trying to prove he was all Mr. Alpha.

    Then there comes the possibility for change. I think our current leader is a true Alpha-guy who doesn’t feel the need to prove it. A welcome change!

  8. Lucy Lopez Says:

    I’m so glad you dropped in on me (although I think it might have been on my LESS blog) as it’s given me a chance to discover yet another great blog. 2 tonight which is pretty good. I am fascinated by the hidden world and the symbolism we have crafted to try and point to it…I love the imagery and have quite a few Tarot decks. Seeing some of those images here is just lovely. That and the topics you cover make for such a visually and spiritually appealing place to visit.

    Men and women are differently spiritual you say. I suppose they should be as they are each dominated by opposite (though not opposing) energy forms. I feel that our evolution will eventually reflect a ‘re-integration’ of those forms, even now hinted at by the social, cultural and even physical breakdown of gender differences…

  9. Arlene deWinter Says:

    I have wondered how a religion based on love, as Christianity is supposed to be, has come to be synonymous, in some minds, with carrying guns.You have explained it. Jesus was a gentle man, he didn’t pack heat. And look what they did to him.
    In America we see the magical world made up mostly of women and gay men. I think that is because American men think spirituality,receptivity to the mysteries. is unmanly. In Europe that is not the case. Among Pagans you see much more equality. Even certain women will try to impose dogma, and some men will allow exploration. It is much more balanced.

  10. Sybella Says:

    I just wanted to let you know, I love your blog thank you for everything you share…


  11. David Says:

    Hi Lucy, our gender differences were designed by evolution and serve a purpose. But when one gender dominates the other that is NOT part of the natural order. It is an abnormal condition that is destructive to human nature. I feel really bad for women in societies where they are treated as property. A society that does denies half their population their potential will never succeed. I just can’t understand the thinking of these societies that keep their women under wraps or treat them like possessions.

  12. David Says:

    Hi Arlene, American spirituality includes a huge cultural element. It is called the Bible Belt. American culture and religion are intertwined to the point they seem to be the same thing. Culture becomes religion, and religion becomes culture. That leads to a lot of screwed-up contradictory beliefs. Like supporting war as a Christian ideal. How whacked out is that!

  13. David Says:

    Hi Sybella, thanks for stopping by! :)

  14. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    “Jesus was a gentle man, he didn’t pack heat.”
    No, but he horse-whipped people and instructed his followers – including Judas The Knife Wielder – to buy swords. See Marvin Harris; Cows Pigs Wars And Witches for more.
    Further along these lines, Jewish tradition most definitely considers women far superior, spiritually, to men. This is why they do not need to put on Tefillin. I always chuckle when a group of female Jews deride their tradition by demanding to be allowed to wear the Tefillin. Nothing says they can’t do it. Just that men are ordered to do it. Women do not need to wear these items. It is like women demanding the right to wear jockstraps. Nobody says they cannot. But they don’t need to. Men, being spiritually inferior in this world view, MUST don these items to pray. With women it is optional. See,2095969/Why-cant-women-wear-Tefillin.html

    Rev. E.M. Camarena

  15. David Says:

    E.M., women really are more spiritual then men. I see it all the time. What the Catholic Church needs is a woman Pope. Imagine what a change that would be for the church…for the better. Islam needs women in charge too. I can’t imagine why women are denied leadership in these faiths.

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