Spirit gender and sexuality



Recently I was discussing the topic of angels with someone.  The topic of angelology is large.  One question we pondered …why were all angels male?  All the Biblical angels had masculine names.  Where were the female angels?  Which lead me to expand that question to spirits in general.  Do spirits have a gender?  On the surface it would seem a spirit, being a non-physical entity would not have a gender.  Sex is a physical biological function for the reproduction of a species.  Why would a disembodied incorporeal spirit need a gender?

virgin-maryFirst let’s look at what religious traditions have to say about the possibility of spirit gender.  Traditional religions are clear that angels are sexless, neither man nor woman.  And humanity will become like the angels in the afterlife.  Here is a passage from the bible concerning this:

“‘In the resurrection, therefore, to which of the seven will she be wife? For they all had her.’ But Jesus answered them, “You are wrong, because you know neither the scriptures nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.”” (Matthew 22:28-30)

This would seem to settle the topic from a religious viewpoint.  Yet, Jesus retained his male aspect after his resurrection.  Also intriguing are the Marian apparitions. When the Virgin Mary appeared to individuals (like at Fatima) she clearly retained her womanhood.  Does this mean what we were in life, we retain in the afterlife?  What about those who believe in reincarnation?  People who subscribe to reincarnation have reported that in past lives they often lived as different genders.  Different religious viewpoints come to different conclusions. 

Outside of religious thought, we can look at people’s first hand experiences with ghosts and out-of-body near-death experiences.  People who have encountered ghosts report that these spirits are clearly male or female.  Look at the story of the ghostly hitchhiker, Resurrection Mary, a famous Chicago area ghost.  Resurrection Mary was reported as a young woman seen walking alone down a street (Archer Avenue) near a local ballroom, and is offered a ride by a passerby.  When the car passes Resurrection Cemetery down the road, she asked the driver to stop and left the car only to vanish, or even vanished while in the car.  There were dozens of actual reports of Resurrection Mary over the decades; it was not just an urban legend.  Resurrection Mary and other ghosts clearly retain their sexuality identify after death. 

tunnel-of-lightLooking at near-death experiences, those who go through this experience feel they still resemble their physical body.  Here is an example from a previous post of mine:    http://occultview.com/2009/01/14/near-death-out-of-body-experience/    Also interesting, when the tunnel of light is encountered (a typical part of this experience) there are reports of being greeted by their dead loved ones.  Their deceased greeters appear as they did in life, but appear young and vigorous, not old or decrepit as when they passed away.  And they still appear as men or women.

Spiritualist and occult philosophy has a viewpoint about this.  According to these ideas, we have a physical body and a spirit/soul.   We also have something that is in-between these two…an invisible, ethereal double.  The ancient Egyptians called this concept the ‘Ka”, or life force.   This life force was an invisible double of our body.  At death, the Ka leaves the body.  Then this Ka “dies” and the Ba (the Egyptian name for the soul) is released to travel outside the realm of time/space.  This Ka double could be called our ghost.  Our ghost-double closely mirrors our physical self, including our sexual identify.   Some suggest that sexuality is not only a physical phenomena but also a spiritual one.   It is said our body’s life force connects with another’s life-force during sex,  sharing this life energy as well.   And what about the Soul, the Ba?  Does the soul retain any aspect of sexuality identify?  I have no clue about that. 

faunA step further into the unknown: can non-human incorporeal entities have sex with humans?  There is a strange passage from Genesis that suggests this is so.  This passage below is often interpreted as angelic entitles actually copulating with mortal women and breeding children.  Hard to get my mind around that one.

” There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. ” (Genesis 6:4)

In mythology non-human beings have a strong sexual identity, and often have intimate affairs with mortals.  Fauns, satyrs, nymphs, the fairy folk are all male or female. There are many stories in our folklore of non-human entities having something resembling sexual interaction with living people.  This was a common theme in faerie phenomena with many tales of the faerie being intensely interested in human sexuality.  Look at the stories of changelings, where the faerie steal away human children and replace them with something else, or faerie abduction of someone taken away into fairyland for sexual purposes.  Why would an immaterial being want such relationships with us? 

alien-entityThis still happens today, but it is called something else.  It is called the UFO alien abduction phenomena.  These reports very often include sexual experimentation on those abducted by these beings.  It seems like these entities’ primary purpose for contact with humans has something do to with reproduction.  These beings may not be flesh and blood alien from outer space, but the same entitles that were once called the faerie, and can appear in any form they wish.  They seem to steal away someone’s “Ka” for their own purposes and then return it.  Again, why?  We’d have to ask them!

A final thought.  The idea about a realm invisible to the physical world is not just speculation.  Science has already recognized something similar to this.  It is called dark matter.  We have no clue what this dark matter is, but it has a detectable gravitational influence on a cosmic scale.  The vast majority of the matter in the universe consists of this invisible dark matter; it holds our galaxies tighter preventing them from flying apart.  The idea of an invisible reality outside our perception may not just be a fantasy.


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  1. Ash Says:

    Very interesting topic! I’m still not 100% on how I view this. I believe we go back to pure positive energy when we die -what can remain as a ghost or what others may continue to experience as “us” is our thought form that can remain. As well, we are so wrapped up in labeling a gender, that I wonder if we experience the other as a gender for our own benefit. Ah, so many questions! :)

  2. David Says:

    Hi Ash, I have no answers on this topic, only more questions! What about transgender individuals? How deeply does gender go into the essence of our being? Are we defined by our gender, or do we define gender? Is there really any difference between man and woman, does gender even matter?

  3. Arlene deWinter Says:

    Very excellent article David!Thought provoking. I always thought of angels as androgynous.Higher beings who transcend duality. I also think ‘gray aliens’ are how the Faeries appear to people who have no imagination.They have this sort of generic form. From my many years of being involved in Faerie, I can say they clothe themselves in whatever costume we want them to wear, and will appear so as to seduce us into some kind of interaction. As for sexuality, they desire corporeal form….

  4. David Says:

    Hi Arlene,
    You may have the answer why these faerie/entities want to associate with humanity…they want to be more like us. I hadn’t thought of that before. We assume that the spirit realm is somehow superior to our mundane physical world, but perhaps that is not so. Maybe the spirits envy humanity. If so, then we may be taking our physical existence for granted. Time to enjoy a cup of coffee…because the spirits can’t!

  5. Christie Says:

    “Then lifted I up my eyes and looked, and behold, there were two women coming forward! The wind was in their wings, for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the ephah-sized vessel between the earth and the heavens.” -Zechariah 5:9 << Female Angels

  6. David Says:

    Hi Christie,
    Female Angels. Who can really say? The Bible suggests angels don’t marry like us mortals, so we assume angels don’t have a gender. But who really knows? Sex is the engine of physical life. Something so vital and important to the existence of consciousness…perhaps gender transcends biology.

  7. Alain Ternaute Says:

    On this question, St. Thomas explains that the human soul was created to be linked to a material body. The soul of the deceased is not devoid of body. She has a spiritual (also called “mystical” or “glorious” body).
    Instead, the angelic soul is pure spirit, and created such. It therefore has no gender. But it may appear (if God permits) as a man or a woman, or even an animal.

  8. David Says:

    Hi Alain,
    I think there is a link between the spiritual and the physical. How else to explain the soul/brain connection? Occult theory suggests the etheric realm (life force), which hints at the connection between the spirit and physical world. Ghosts are said to manipulate the electromagnetic force to interact with the physical world. Ghosts exist in the etheric world. The brain interacts with the etheric world too, as far as I can guess.

  9. Alain Ternaute Says:

    Well, being Catholic, I agree. Except with about the human soul: I think she has no power over matter. For cons, the angelic spirit is undeniably a power over matter: it is his role to maintain the natural order. So he knows and has power over many physical principles that escape us.
    I do not believe in ghosts: human souls who appear on their own power. I rather think that God sometimes allows angels convey the vision of any deceased soul to a living person. (Holy angels or demons.)

    I invite you to read this document on the angelic nature (French, .doc file) that I scanned. It allows you to fully understand the view of Catholic theology on this subject:

  10. Alain Ternaute Says:

    Sorry, I did not understand immediately, your previous post.
    I also agree. But it is very difficult to understand and do research on spirituality. Moreover, as I said, I think the human soul (spiritual) has no power over matter. Such a spirit will, therefore, very difficult to understand the action of a mind over matter. The human soul undergoes this link but could not understand.
    That’s my opinion.

  11. David Says:

    Hi Alain,
    The final nature of the afterlife is a matter of speculation, nobody really knows. My approach is to look at the small bits of evidence that exist about the afterlife and try to piece things together. For instance, the near-death out-of-body experience is well documented and offers clues. I had a friend who had such an experience and he told me his story, which included contact with spirits that had died in his hospital.


    Nothing is proven by these personal anecdotes, but it is still intriguing.

  12. David Says:

    According to occult theories the soul is not connected to the material world of time and space. But according to these same theories, there is an invisible middle realm, the etheric realm, which the soul can indeed exert influence. And this etheric dimension also interacts with the physical world to a limited degree. We have a physical body, an etheric body and a soul. The soul works thru the etheric to touch the physical. Once the etheric link is broken, there is no connection anymore. Again, this is a theory, for whatever its worth. But if we consider that 95% of our universe is invisible according to cosmology (dark matter and dark energy), maybe it’s not so farfetched.

  13. Alain Ternaute Says:

    Hi David,
    I apologize for saying something stupid: according to Catholic theology, the soul of the deceased has NO spiritual body. It will do until the end of the world where the dead will rise. The exceptions are Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Elijah (flown in a chariot of fire) and all the resurrected Good Friday (when the veil of the temple was torn).

    About your last message:
    Personally, I make the difference between the energy body (separated from the physical body) and the etheric body. The energy body is physical and can even photograph his aura.

    According to Thomist theology, the living who have dreams where they communicate with the souls of the dead (or other such experiments), they have no body.
    The soul “sees” the other souls in a dream, but not by the senses. The images it receives come from another human mind (or angelic) who speaks in sensitive language (with pictorial concepts, specific to humans).

    It would be interesting to ask your friend who had a near death out of body experience. Was it like a dream? Now he has seen like in reality?

  14. Alain Ternaute Says:

    Oops ! I correct:
    Not “the difference between the energy body (separated from the physical body)”, but “the difference between the energy body (!inseparable! from the physical body)”.
    I apologize again. 8s

  15. David Says:

    My friend Glenn told me a lot about his OBE experience. He said it was not a hallucination. He had plenty of hallucinations while in the hospital, and he knew the difference. His experience was no hallucination. During his experience, he saw events around him while unconscious he could never have known, as if he were standing there. And he did not fear death afterwards. When he passed away 3 years later when his cancer returned, he still did not fear. It would be one mighty hallucination to extinguish the fear of death.

  16. Alain Ternaute Says:

    I did not know, sorry.
    It is very surprising that the souls can see well without their bodies. I do not know what to believe.

  17. homebrew5 Says:

    Of course angels have genders.Cherubim are male and Seraphim female.
    Don’t forget that we humans created the deities (and their ilk) in our image.

  18. Zelda Says:

    I only have one experience with an angel. My toddler was 2 and started “making sweet eyes” to someone at our home. (Sweet eyes is a regional term for when a baby or toddler squints their eyes and face at someone). Nobody was with us and she asked “Who is her?” to me twice. She seemed entranced and happy. I asked my daughter if “she” was with us, if she was talking, and if she was pretty. She nodded she was there, not talking, and was pretty. It lasted for a few minutes and then was gone. My child only made this facial expression for people and this being. She did not and does not pretend to have imaginary friends.

    Was this a female angel or some other entity? I hope it was benevolent. We don’t pray for angelic contact but of course would welcome it if it truly occurred.

  19. David Says:

    It is thought children can see spirits far before adults ever do. But I’d not be concerned about imaginary firends, unless there something else reveals their presence. Then you might have reason to worry.

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