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I have acquired a few curious items called Masonic pennies.  They were given to lodge members and symbolize a faithful days’ wages.  To become a Mason, they had to have a belief in a non-denominational Supreme Being.  This embraced nearly any individual belief, not a real barrier to acceptance.  However, the Church mistrusted this open mindedness.  Can any church allow its member be exposed to different ideas then their official church doctrine? 

masonic-penny-2Common Masonic symbols include the Masonic Square and Compasses, often found with the letter G.  These are often seen on the Masonic Penny.  The letters A.R.C. are Royal Arch Chapter.  The Chapter and the date it was chartered are usually displayed.  Often shown is a keystone with the letters HTWSSTKS which mean Hiram, Tyrian, Widow’s Son, Sendeth To King Solomon.  When this appeared on a gravestone, it meant someone had completed his or her degrees to become a Royal Arch Mason.   On this coin below is a backwards swastika.   This must be an old token from before World War Two.   Before the war the swastika was a symbol of good.   Afterwards it’s symbolizm was forever changed. 


In the past a Masonic chapter penny was a personally prized possession, and could be used as collateral for borrowing money.  When the debt was repaid, the valued coin was returned.  In history a penny had metaphysical significance.  Pennies were placed on the eyes of the dead, or in the mouth of the dead to pay the ferryman on his journey of the dead through the River Styx.

This last Masonic penny at the bottom puzzled me.  I don’t understand the geometric symbols presented.  I wonder what they mean.  Greek alphabet?  I don’t know.  Can anybody solve this?










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  1. Lee Says:

    Inscriptions on the final coin are a Mark Mason cypher and can possible be decoded here

  2. David Says:

    Hi Lee, thanks for the link. I tried to google my way into finding what those symbols were without luck. A mystery worthy of Dan Brown! That site shows that these symbols are ciphers, some type of code. Now I have to try to dechiper the code!

  3. buddhaofhollywood Says:

    I am curious if they are going to use this economical disaster – they have created – in order to gain more power.
    There are a lot of conspiracy theories running around, based on this assumption.
    For sure 2009 will be not a boring year!

  4. David Says:

    Hi BH,
    I don’t think we need the Illuminati and worldwide conspiracies to destroy the world system. We have a much more powerful and dangerous group…clueless, short-sighted American business management and the politicians who unquestioningly cheer on Big Business. America has become a poorer place because of these characters. Phooey on all of them!

    Actually, this economic collapse was created by something more fundamental. Speculation. Speculation has reared its head many times throughout history. An example of this in the past was the Dutch Tulip mania. Just recently we had the speculative bubble burst. Back then a simple dial-up ISP like AOL Online could actually buy a huge multi-media conglomerate like Time-Warner. What were people thinking?!

    I remember when there was speculation with baseball trading cards. They would fetch ridiculous prices. When that tiny bubble crashed, nobody was hurt outside of anybody who wasted their money on these baseball cards. The problem is that after the crash, the speculators zeroed in on housing. Houses are not baseball cards. They are people’s most prized possessions. These speculators were playing around with the average person’s financial well-being. When the housing bubble burst, it hurt everybody.

  5. Two Ball Cane Says:

    Dear David,

    Actually the “Key” given in the website indicated by Lee wasn’t the correct one. You see, there are different versions of this “pig-pen cipher” (wiki it), that are used in different Masonic jurisdictions and Rites.

    In this case, the correct key is this:

    And the encrypted name is JAH-BEL-ON. The Most Holy Name of God, according to the degree of “Knight of the Royal Arch of Enoch” (XIII°).

  6. David Says:

    TB Cane, THANK YOU! You figured it out. I couldn’t. I tried to decode the cipher, and just gave up. You know your Mason lore! The name of God is on the token. It makes sense. Very cool.

  7. kingstonp Says:

    The TH symbol is the symbol of the Royal Arch Degree. It is not of the “Knight of the Royal Arch of Enoch”. It is a side degree or “completion of the 3rd degree”. “… pure Antient Masonry consists of three degrees and no more, viz., those of the Entered Apprentice, the Fellow Craft, and the Master Mason, including the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch.” Constitutions. UGLE.
    The cipher is associated with Freemasonry, in particular the Mark Master Mason degree, which in some constitutions, is more closely associated with the Craft and HRA degree than in English freemasonry.

  8. David Says:

    Hi Kingstomp,
    Thanks for the information!

  9. Pha man of God Says:

    Bro TBC u outta order have u forgotton your obligations.

  10. tombstone barrier Says:

    Arlean Toyoshima said on June 14th, 2010 at 10:12 am

  11. DUPAS Christian Says:

    The geometric symbols on the masonic coins are an alphabet 24 signs like the 24 letters in Hebrew, it looks like a domino game, this alphabet was used by the French Masons of the Grand Orient, in order to communicate so the Secret Police would not know their meeting places, Louis 14 , Sun King,was a High Master.
    you will find dots in a few alphabetic letters,a lot of masonic symbols on French swords Ist Empire Napoleonic wars, Lafayette was a famous figure and Napoleon was placing his right hand on his chest. The ‘Essenians’ or King Leopold II from Belgium had the long beard and was also placing his right hand like Napoleon.

  12. DUPAS Christian Says:

    JAH BEL ON or Yabu’al’am (Hebrew :Yah is the Lord of the people /J?hovah Baal Osiris) YAH = I ‘am BUL =in Heaven ON = in force

  13. DUPAS Christian Says:

    according to the alphabet codex, the first symbol is met in a triangle in a circle, 2 = d, 3 = b, 4 = u, 5 = a, 6 = q,
    7 = y, 8 = i, 9 = Q ( dbuaqyiq) (first one I am looking up) I hope this helps.

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