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In these hard economic times what can we do? Housing values are down, the stock market crashed…money is hard to find. During times like this, we need a little help. So I offer the Official Occult View Stimulus Plan…the Money and Wealth Talisman of Jupiter!

Fold the Talisman twice

Fold the Talisman twice

When we need a competitive economic edge, the Talisman of Jupiter will come in useful. Looking for a job or a promotion? Need a lucky break? Use the Talisman and see what the Universe will provide. We should carry this Talisman anytime we engage in a game of chance, buying a lottery ticket or on a trip to the casino. But the Talisman’s real power comes from Law of Attraction.

Having a Money and Wealth Talisman means we are asking the Universe to work in our favor. Its other purpose is to reframe our state of mind into one that is orientated towards prosperity. Why do some people always seem to have money, and other people don’t? What is the difference between the prosperous individual and the rest of us? Mostly it is all about the prosperity mindset. The wealthy know how to turn money into MORE money. Most of us, we just spend it away. The path to wealth is to actually make wealth our goal. What we think will become our reality, and if we think we are poor, we always will be poor. But if we think we’ll become prosperous, the combination of our efforts and the Universal Law of Attraction will work wonders.

Sigil for the name:  DAVID

Sigil for the name: DAVID

First, we right-click and print the square at the top of the page.  Cut out the square and fold it twice along the lines, so now it is a quarter of its size. The square of numbers is the Numerical Square of Jupiter, whose influence governs matters of prosperity. Using numerology, create a number for each letter of your name. My name is David, and using this chart, we can see that D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9 and D again = 4.

Now on the square of Jupiter, draw lines to connect the squares, in sequence, of your name’s letters. An example is provided.

After this, I would suggest putting a silver coin in the sleeves that are created when it is folded, and seal it shut inside. A precious metal like silver will assist in attracting the Universe’s vibrations for this goal. American coins dated 1964 or earlier are made of silver. We all usually have one lying around somewhere. If not, then you can buy a coin at a coin dealer, but don’t spend money on a collector’s coin, just get a worn bullion coin. They won’t cost much, a few dollars.

Additional, but not essential, we can pick a coin with a date that is significant. If we are born on 1964 or earlier, we can get a silver coin that has our birthyear on it. If we are born after 1964, we can get a silver coin whose year matches our name in numerology. How? We have created a numerical equivalent of our name.  We  already did that to create the talisman’s sigil.  Add all of these values together to make one number. If the number is over 9, then add each number together again.

Silver 1939 = 4

Silver 1939 = 4

Example: David…D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D= 4 these are added together 4+1+9+4= 22. To make 22 into one number, add each digit together….2+2=4. So the name David has the numerological value of 4. Looking at the chart below for the numerological values for the years, find a coin whose date matches your name in numerology. Example, on the chart  below the years 1957, 1948, 1939 and so on are dates that could be used for my own lucky silver coin.

Once we have created the Talisman, do not show it to anyone! It is meant to be secret. It can be kept in a secret place in our home, but by doing that we tend to forget about it  and that defeats its purpose. I would keep the talisman in your purse or wallet, tucked away in a secret place where only you know of it. And let it work its magic, and let you work your magic through it, with the reinforcement of our prosperity thinking.

75 Responses to “Create a Money and Wealth Talisman”

  1. Kristianne Says:

    My name is Kristianne. I am trying to figure out how to make a sigil out of my name on the jupiter square can you show me.

    Coz i have tried it and i am not sure if it is right for the letters of my name keeps on hitting the same number

  2. David Says:

    Hi Kristianne,
    With numerology Kristianne = 2,9,9,1,2,9,1,5,5,5 hmm. Yup that is a tricky one. You’ll need a draw two small half circles touching tips together to represent a number twice, or three tiny half circles touching for 3 in a row. Interesting numerology in your name!

  3. Leonard Says:


    Do you have a video where I can see exactly how you make this talisman.

  4. David Says:

    Hi Leonard,
    No, I don’t have a video bvut that is a good idea. I think the next talisman post I have, I may do that.

  5. Sleiman Says:

    hey david……Example: David…D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D= 4 these are added together 4+1+9+4= 22.

    this is wrong how come… its equal to 18 not 22

  6. David Says:

    Hi Sleiman,
    4+1+4+9+4 is 22. You missed the letter the letter V, so add 4 for that one. Actually, the number that represents our name can vary depending on what we want to accomplish. For informal goals we could just use our first name, but for formal or business goals we’d want to calculate our first name and last name, maybe ever our middle name. A talisman for luck in gambling would work fine with our first name, but for a talisman involving work related or legal matters (a promotion for instance) I’d use add up the letters of our entire formal name. The problem is that too many numbers can make for a messy sigil.

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    My sigil is half a pentacle or a coin 3 angles its sealed

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    My name is 43 so I add 4+3 +7

    I choose a old coin from 1977

  9. christopher samuel Says:

    how do you attract enermous wealth, not just hand to mouth with this kind of mysticism?

  10. David Says:

    Christopher, attracting wealth is a state of mind. Its not wishful thinking. What is the difference between the wealthy and the rest of us? Not much more then a successful attitude. The desire to work hard, educate yourself, become savvy in business, take risks, save and invest, achieve. That is all a mental attitude. Anyone can have wealth…but not easy or instant wealth.

  11. Jaco Says:

    he first two letters of my name are the same number, how would I do the line?

  12. ztephz Says:

    hey David,
    i dont have a silver coin, but i a round shape silver. well it do?

  13. David Says:

    Ztephz, the important thing is the metal silver. A coin is the easiest way to get real silver, but any silver will do. The date on the coin is an added bonus. According to theories about talismans, a metal like silver can retain an etheric charge. Even material like paper can, but silver is superior for that. The best material is true crystal. A quartz crystal is said to work best of all.

  14. David Says:

    You create a half loop, a semicircle within the number. Then it touches ithe number twice.

  15. Chirag Says:

    Hello David,my name is chirag.And my birthdate is 24th august 1986, I am eager to create Wealth talisman,but i am having troubles creating it with my name (Chirag) on the number chart.As (I, and R) comes one after another it becomes difficult to draw lines and continue the flow till end.Can you plz help me this or I will be very Glad if you send me rough figure to my email ID ,Thank you very Much.

  16. Edward Postles Says:

    i would like to know if you wear two three or more talisman’s at a time, do they cancel each other out?

  17. David Says:

    Hi Edward,
    According to the theories involed with these, they do not cancel each other out. However, too many might cause a drain on one’s energy. Talismans not only tap celestial forces, but our oun inner force as well. I’d suggest no more then two at a time. In addition, since these are a tool to focus our thoughts, too many talismans can cause mental clutter and negate the results as well.

  18. Rob Says:

    Hi David,

    I printed the talisman in greyscale. It’s not in color. Will that make the talisman ineffective? or not really work for me? thanks.

    And aside from silver and crystal, what other mineral/element/metal/stone can i use in the absence of the two?


  19. David Says:

    Hi Bob,
    I think color helps. Color has symbolic meaning, and the more symbolism the more powerful the talisman. If you don’t have silver, you could try copper. There are pennies made from 1981 and earlier that are made of copper, those are easy to find.

  20. Mac Says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for sharing this, I made one just now. I just would like to know if it’s okay that I make one for my girlfriend and give it to her? Or this has to be a personal thing? I just want share luck with her as well.

  21. David Says:

    This talisman would be a nice gift for a girlfriend, with her name on it. It depends on your girlfriend…would she understand? If so, it would be a special gift. if not…well, keep it secret. Not everybody has an open mind.

  22. Mac Says:

    Hi David,
    That’s great, she would appreciate it. I’ll definitely make one for her. Thanks David.

  23. Abiola Ayodele Martins Says:

    Please I need a talisman that will help me make money and win lottery, can I get it from you and how? I ned your reply.

  24. David Says:

    Hi Abiola,
    You can print out this talisman from the internet. Your internet browser should let you do it. For instance, if you have Microsoft Explorer, just right click the image and there should be an option for printing it.

  25. George Says:

    Does it have to be silver? Can it be gold, platinum, or palladium? Does it work best with a specific precious metal? Can the form be in a small bar or does it have to be round, a coin?

    thank you.

  26. Kevyn Says:

    Hi david. If i got two names. For Example, Kevyn Duardo, Am I suppose to calculate both name or only using the 1st or the second name? Thanks

  27. Kevyn Says:

    I dont have a silver coin. Can I use a stainless steel coin instead?

  28. Jorge Says:


    Does it matter what metal do you use? Is there a best most effective metal? Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Palladium for this talisman? Can you combine metals? For example put gold and silver or silver and copper?

    Thank you

  29. David Says:

    There are traditional metals associated with each planet. The Moon’s metal is silver. Venus is copper. However, you need only a small trace of it. For gold, I’d suggest a small link of a gold chain, or even something gold plated.

  30. David Says:

    Hi Kevyn,
    Well, ideally a silver coin is preferred. Yes, it is a hassle to get one, but they can be bought at a coin shop for a few dollars. Don’t get one that is collectible, but what they call junk silver.

  31. David Says:

    We all have different names. We have a formal name. We have a casual name. We have nicknames. For business matters, we use our formal name and combine all into one design.

  32. sarah Says:

    ive tryed my name an it worked out weird

  33. Latief Says:

    Please i am an African i come from Ghana we use our local currencies. we don’t have Europeans silver coins here with us. can i please use any silver of our local currency? another thing is that the silver coins dating 1970 onwards is not available, i was born on 23rd August 1979.

  34. David Says:

    Hi Latief,
    Getting a coin of silver with a number that matches our birthday thru numerology is tricky. That is the point…to make it an effort, something we have to put thought into and not just a whim. A talisman is all about symbolism and how we interact with these symbols. However, if you can’t find a silver coin, any bit of silver will do. Even a single link from a broken silver chain will work. If you have a silver chain for a charm or necklace that you don’t use anymore, that will be perfectly fine.

    I give your talisman my personal blessing! Good fortune to you Latief, you have my best wishes. In these hard economic times, we all need whatever edge we can get. Anyone who wants my personal blessing on their talisman, drop a comment.


  35. Anita Says:

    Hi David, blessings to you.I just made my talisman.
    I put it in a silver locket. Will it still be powerful enough ? If not , what should I do?

  36. irfan Says:

    hello,David i need your blessing on my talisman. thank you

  37. David Says:

    The talisman is a tool that uses the law of attraction. The talisman helps you attract prosperity by focusing your thoughts into thinking prosperity, and then acting on those intentions. If you believe in prosperity, you can achieve prosperity! Ask yourself…what can I do to achieve prosperity? Big things start with small beginnings.

    Here is a secret…many people really don’t want prosperity. They may think it’d be nice, but are happy with just what they have. For those with a burning desire to achieve prosperity, they will get it. The talisman is a match to start the fire.

  38. David Says:

    I put my blessing on your talisman. Now, begin to focus on prosperity and it will arrive!

  39. micheal Says:

    pls.kidly let me know how much this talisman will cost me.Thanks.Micheal

  40. David Says:

    Hi Michael,
    They are free! Just print it from your computer and follow the instructions.

  41. irfan Says:

    hi,Davi i did make this talisman over 1 week ago ,and putted in my bag but still no effect any idea when its going to act. Thanks

  42. David Says:

    It will take 3-4 years to work. During this time you must actively work for prosperity in your life. You will certainly see results. The talisman works by changing our state of mind and to focus it. Focus on prosperity! Prosperity is a choice. Ask any rich person and they will tell you that.

  43. kenneth Says:

    I want to know.How long does stay B4 it will start working

  44. Zena Says:

    May I have your blessing on my talisman? Thank you…

  45. David Says:

    It works by a combination of the Law of Attraction and also attracting cosmic forces. Act towards prosperity and you will achieve it. What exists that can prevent your prosperity, if you strive for prosperity? I can’t imagine anything.

  46. yue Says:

    hi david thank you for your writing how to make talisman.(i’m not a native english speaker,there is a little concern about proper please excuse my grammer.)
    I really interesting in your blog.
    could i carry this somthing or other knowledge in this blog to other site? i’ll origin reveal the source of those

  47. Raffi Says:

    Hi David
    I Have 2 fz in my name Raffi how do make the Jupiter square with my name ?


  48. David Says:

    Hi Raffi,
    Make a small semi-circle around the letter, or just igorne it. Same result.

  49. Adh Says:

    I have come across this website because I am actively looking for ways to bring money in. I am trying lotto everytime with no luck. I am going with your talisman David (square of jupiter), please bless it and make it powerful for it to work as quick as possible for me. I will definitely come back with the results. Thank you and Namast?. Akash.

  50. David Says:

    Hi Akash,
    You have my blessing. The secret is not to gamble, or hope on luck. The secret is to manifest wealth by altering our mindset. What makes a person successful? What is the difference between the 1% and the 99%? The 1% has goals, and those goals do not involve luck but determination. Wealth is a state of mind. The power of the talisman is to change our state of mind.

  51. Adh Says:

    Thanks for the information David.

  52. Sakina Says:

    I am trying to figure out how to make a sigil out of my name on the jupiter square can you show me.

  53. David Says:

    Hi Sakina,
    I can’t create a graphic in my comments, so I really can’t show how to do your own individual name. In reality, you could invent something so long as it is meaningful to you. The important part is the symbolism, and that the symbols speaks to your unconscious mind.

  54. Sakina Says:

    Thanx Dave God Bless you

  55. Tammy Says:

    please bless my tailman for prosperity.

  56. Mirnah Says:

    David ,
    Many Blessing for sharing your knowledge with everyone.
    As my name falls on the same letter twice I tried making half a loop/circle but am not sure if I’m doing it right.
    Could you help ?
    Thanks in advance

  57. David Says:

    Hi Mirnah,
    Yes, you create a loop for the same letter that appears twice. A small loop or semi-circle. May your talisman inspire success and prosperity!

  58. sanjay Says:

    how to make a sigil out of my name on the jupiter square can you show me.

  59. Nas Says:

    David thanks for sharing the hiding secret of talisman, AGLA bless u. I want to know if there’s other way we could activate other talisman seals in the greater key of solomon bcos I noticed you joined two types of pentacle together with the sigil and another image making them four images, how can I make use of other planetry talinsman?

  60. David Says:

    Hi Nas,
    The Key of Solomon is a great resource. There are almost endless combinations one can create by using 4 images instead of just two sides, as is traditional. We can use our imagination in creating these. Anyone can create their own; just scan the talismans from the Key, cut and paste and combine other imagery that compliments the theme and tone of the talisman. We need to match the proper planetary square with the talisman, but after that we can be creative.

  61. babak Says:

    i dont have silver coin i have copper 1996 ?? is the talisman can work ??

  62. roya Says:

    hi david
    thankyou for sharing these . i have a question . does it work for you really ?

  63. Leon Scott Kennedy Says:

    hello David
    hope your fine and doing well, you see that in this world there are lot of peoples that they are suffering troubles and disasters and hurt-ted by others, i should come to the main Point we both need to make some sort of Talismans to help others in there circle life, some peoples shops are not working some peoples don’t have babies not even a sin-gal baby some people are not getting marriage coz of the luck some peoples are attacted by demons or spirits small big elders youth young every one is in the problem so we do need to help them who are hopeless . so what do you say r u in? with me or not?

  64. David Says:

    Hi Leon,
    I’ve been away from blogging for a bit, but I’m back. After my brother died of cancer, my dad also starting getting ill. Plus work is crazy, so I had a lot on my plate, and I decided to spend time with my dad instead of my hobbies. But I need my hobbies as a distraction from the reality of life. We all face such things.

  65. David Says:

    Hi Roya,
    Well, I’d suggest it works if you work to make it work. We can create wealth without a talisman as well. Wealth is a state of mind, and a talisman is a statement for our state of mind. How do people become wealthy? They decide to. Without this will, the talisman is just a sheet of paper.

  66. David Says:

    Hi Babak,
    The content of the metal is helpful but not vital. I think copper will work fine.

  67. Ariyo Says:

    4+1+9+4= 22 ?

  68. David Says:

    4+1+9+4 = 18, and then 1+8 = 9.

  69. Lucky Says:

    Does this need to be made at certain day / time? And can anyone share their positive results from using this?
    Many thanks

  70. David Says:

    There are rules in the Key of Solomon which give the times that are best to create a specific talisman. I did not include that with this talisman, but there is a chart in my post on the lottery: that may be of some use.

  71. Lucky Says:

    Thanks David. Please clarify: according to your chart I could make this Monday at 3pm (jupiter)?
    As it’s for money / wealth is Jupiter the best to work with?


  72. David Says:

    Yes, that would be correct…Jupiter. The most important thing is to acquire a prosperity mindset; that is the point of a talisman. To alter our thinking to be aimed at our goal.

  73. Lucky Says:

    So I finally managed to make mines after countless distractions and what seemed to be road blocks. From the moment I printed it out and placed it in my bag (before formally charging it) I noticed a change in how people treated me! Many smiles and admirers. If this is a hint of things to come I look forward! I will keep you posted

  74. Lucky Says:

    Okay David, just a quick question. Should carrying the talisman cause any physical sensation? I feel a strong pressure in my back and neck. Is this normal?

  75. David Says:

    I’d don’t have an answer. I usually put them under my pillow at night. But it is an intersting idea…

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