Beware of the Growling Ghost



tarot-readingIn a previous post I wrote about a visit to the abandoned cemetery Bachelor’s Grove,  joined by some other ghost enthusiasts.  I did a tarot card reading on a tombstone, attempting to communicate with any entities in the infamous graveyard.   Not really a good idea.  Afterwards I experienced a bout of bad luck, and I alluded to the idea that something might have followed me home.

Bachelors Grove

Bachelors Grove

A couple of months after my visit to the graveyard, I had an unnerving experience.  I was asleep in my bed when I was awakened by a sound…a growling sound, loud enough to stir me from my sleep.   It sounded like there was a growling dog in my bedroom and close to my bed.  I don’t own pets.  I became wide-awake; it was not a lucid dream or anything like that.   I laid face away from the sound, and I did not move…I stayed perfectly still and listened to this low growl.  I was afraid to turn and look at what was in my room.  Instead I said a mental prayer for God to protect me from whatever was there and send it away.  After the prayer…the growling just…stopped.  Yet I still did not turn to see what could have been there.  Afterwards, I wondered what I might have seen had I turned around…anything?  Or maybe I’d be discovered the next day in my bed, dead from a failed heart.

I know someone who had her own personal encounter with a growling ghost.  Once, seemingly from nowhere, this lady’s home began to experience a haunting.  She knew of nothing that would have provoked this to happen.  But she said, there came strange sounds like footsteps on the stairway.  Her daughter caught a brief glimpse of someone in the house, who then disappeared.  Her microwave oven would turn itself on spontaneously.  The final straw was after an incident with the microwave oven in the kitchen, she heard a loud growling outside her open kitchen window.  She went to the window to look outside…and there was absolutely nothing out there.  She had enough.  Being a Catholic, she lit candles every night for a week and prayed to God that whatever was in her home would leave.  After a week of this…she never experienced any sign of a haunting again.

What to make of this growling ghost?  Ghosts don’t growl.  Ghosts are deceased human beings and a ghost of a human is still human and humans don’t growl.  These growling ghosts are not ghosts, but inhuman spirits.

There is the folklore of the Black Dog, or Barghest.  This spectral hound with glowing eyes is said to prowl cemeteries at night.  It is considered an evil omen to see one, an omen of death, and is said to be associated with the Devil.  There are many legends concerning these Hell Hounds who haunt the graveyards.  They are not considered to be the ghosts of men or even dogs.  But the spirits of something inhuman.  To encounter one is to bring doom.  According to demonology, demons cannot take human form, but appear as grotesques, human/animal hybrids and monstrosities.

When I visited Bachelor’s Grove,  maybe a “black dog” of that sad, haunted cemetery did follow me home.  Maybe the Black Dog is not only folklore.  Beware of the Growling Ghost.

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  1. loulou Says:

    I hear a loud growling after sunset when I’m busy in my kitchen. I tried getting help from my nearest church but they don’t get moving.

  2. loulou Says:

    T I forgot to say that I was watching a video of Jesus Christ. He was always present in our very tasks. I merrily went to my bedroom to do my heavy weighs workout. My workout was very pleasant because I felt the presence of Jesus during my workout. I finished with stretching and I watched my reflection on my mirror satisfied. I felt as if something on my back detached and fell on the floor. I looked but there was nothing on the floor behind me. I kept doing my daily tasks and my daughter called me from the bathroom, telling me that a small crucufix was lyg inside the toilet. I ran there to find my cruxifix there. The devil wanted to assure me that it was him, not Jesus there with me during the workout?

  3. alik Says:

    Hi there so my wife has experienced this growling voice that has came to her twice now once in Califorina at her aunts home. And again in our apartment she herd foot steps in her aunts house and called out is anyone there but nobody was home and tgere wasnt an answer and then she herd this growl like a dog or evil spirit and has been terrified ever since tgen. Just last night on April 25 she was home cleaning and she herd something fall in the kitchen or bathroom and went to see what feel and then herd the growl again! What does this mean? Ive blessed our home and have fasted and said many prayers that it wont happen again to her.

  4. David Says:

    Hi Alik,
    Fasting and prayer will work, but the individual involved has to be involved. The lady in the story prayed with candles for a period of time, and the infernal thing went away. It works, but you can’t do this for another person alone. Good luck!

  5. alik Says:

    Thank you ill just stick to the priesthood! :)

  6. kim Says:

    I woke up today to growling under my bed and there was nothing there

  7. janine Says:

    I had the growling dream last night… I couldnt sleep then I heard the growling… I felt hot breath on my face… I was willing for it to go away… I had my 4 year old son in bed next to me and I darent move… I heard my husband potterimg around downstairs.. I know I was awake.. and I know it wasnt a dream… I was frozen… I blinked my eyes open and saw the dog… snarling…. it was so real… I shut my eyes tight.. still willing it to go away… it actually whispered something… then it it went… I was still frozen….. for around ten minutes….
    Now scared to sleep tonight incase it happens again… what was it… is it there to harm me… what do I do

  8. jimmy Says:

    i had the same thing, somthing was growling in my face, but it never scared me, i was lying there eyes closed so i decided to open them and jump up to see what it was, i saw somthing like all i can discribe is that it warp its self into itself, like a blackhole collaping i think i took it by surprize if i dident see it i would proberly pass it of as a dream, but im still not convinced

  9. Brea Says:

    I just heard a dog growling in my house, and Ash is a name that comes up Ashmadai? Creepy, demons can’t hurt you. They are just energy. Malevolent energy.

  10. David Says:

    Hi Brea,
    Well, I think ghosts can’t hurt you much, but demons can. Ash…that is sort of a scary name. Ashes.

  11. Zelda Says:

    I heard a low soft grumbling growl in our house this morning before anyone was awake. It was not my small cat or small dog – they don’t make this sound. It was near my children’s rooms and I will be asking God for protection. This has worked for me in another house we lived in; after earnest prayers, there were no other spiritual encounters for me.
    1) What religious routine or prayers do you recommend for banishing unwanted supernatural beings? (I am Christian, but no longer Catholic).
    2) Can animals like pets sense ghosts, non-human entities, etc.? The cat was sitting at one child’s doorway, but seemed unconcerned this morning.

    Thanks for your website. (Not all of us want to make contact with the supernatural…)

  12. David Says:

    Hi Zeida,
    I think animals can sense spirits before we’d ever be able to. Prayers are the best tool for banishing evil spirits, because it really works. It doesn’t matter much what are belief system is, it is the faith, the belief that counts. A shaman or a priest all have such power, and so do we.

  13. Jamie Says:

    A few years ago, there were about eight of us on a tiny gravel road that’s supposed to be haunted. A friend with a parabolic mic was across from us – maybe five feet away. We all still had our tapes going as we got up to call it a night. The three of us on the end got up and suddenly we heard a low, deep growl. No one else close to us heard it. We just looked at each other in disbelief. Flashlights in to the field behind showed nothing. But the growl seemed to be right next to each of our ears. Nothing on tape from anyone. What we did was to make something good out of it. A totem animal such as a cat. All in all, we made it a positive experience. About a year later, I was laying on my couch and heard it again. I welcomed it back. Never happened again. If it was a dark force of any kind, I’m sure we blew the whole scary scenario for it.

  14. wow Says:

    I remember when I was 13 years old I lived in an old house and I remember being in my room and hearing a growling,black rott dog right by my ear I could not move but I prayed and then it went away.That same year my dad passed away so can that be associated with something like that?.I hadn’t thought about it for years till I saw Ghost Adventures and it stated seeing black dogs was not good.It scared the crap out of me to think what it meant since I try to walk in the light and be a good person.

  15. wow Says:

    Well I got an answer elsewhere seeing a black growling dog doesn’t always signify death it can also be if a child or woman sees the dog that he is warning them or protecting them.Also warning of a death within the family.

  16. Divya Says:

    Hi, i live in a flat with my family.once i too heard a was neither of a woman or a man, what i heard was very loud distorted man+woman voice(idk).it was outside on the road.i could tell it passed that long road from one end to the other in matter of seconds.i never knew what it was.and definitely don’t want to experience again :(

  17. cheryl Says:

    twice in the last week I have heard growling in my bed when I was asleep the first time I thought I was just dreaming it happened again last night first I heard like a cat fight in my bed then a deep growl what is this

  18. Shay O'Shea Says:

    Growling spirits as far as I am aware can mean two things. One being good and the other, not so much:

    Good – Spirits and entity’s find it easier to make communication with your subconscious. Ideally when you’re in the half awake half asleep state. You’re awake enough to hear sounds and other forms of communication and sleep enough to accept them. Don’t confuse these for lucid dreams, you will likely be able to tell the difference. Hearing growling in this state can actually be a voice that you’re not fully tuned into. Most people tend to wake before they tune into the frequency therefor assume it’s a negative experience when it was a positive.

    Negative – This is actually a topic I don’t really like discussing for various reasons but will for this article. If you’re fully awake and you hear growling, this is a very negative energy. There’s no tuning in while awake, this normally comes with an overwhelming presence. I have heard various people say they think it’s their deceased dog paying a visit. It’s not. Your loving dog will not communicate with you by growling at you while you lay petrified. DO NOT entertain this by speaking out to it, try not to show fear and try to concentrate on blocking it out with positive thoughts. Hopefully it won’t manifest further. This type of creature will take its energy from your suffering.

    Growling, snarling or hissing sounds while awake are very uncommon so don’t be too worried. While sleeping you may be able to tune in to receive a message, this is only in your sleep and should subside when awakened.

  19. S. Simms Says:

    Last night my fiance laid on the couch and I laid on the floor to help stabalize my back — all of a sudden we both woke up to a growling deep scary voice saying ‘you are corrupted’ – there was nothing there and I am glad that he was there to witness this because if he was not I would have thought it was a dream. I prayed for protection angrily rebuked the demon and I know it wont come back and God will protect me because I experienced one before and I got mad because these demons will stop intefering with my sleep I am just too busy to deal with them in the middle of the night. I am angry and rough with them and I rebuke them in the name of God. No cursing of course. We have power over them so have faith in your power with the backing of God.

  20. David Says:

    We can certainly banish evil, with the aid of a Higher Power.

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