The Third Eye

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The Third Eye

The Third Eye

Can spiritual practices alter the structure of our brain?  The answer is yes!  The current issue of Time Magazine has a cover story titled “How Faith Can Heal”.  It has a lot of material to chew on.  I quibble with the article “Biology of Belief” and it’s stance on applying “brain science” in trying to explain why people have religious or spiritual feelings.  Neuroscience has no clue what consciousness is but they sure make a big deal about what parts of the brain are activated by certain thoughts. Do we need brain scans to explain why someone enjoys a game of chess?   Here is the article:,8599,1879016,00.html

What really caught my attention was this passage from the article:
“Pray and meditate enough and some changes in the brain become permanent. Long-term meditators — those with 15 years of practice or more — appear to have thicker frontal lobes than nonmeditators. People who describe themselves as highly spiritual tend to exhibit an asymmetry in the thalamus — a feature that other people can develop after just eight weeks of training in meditation skills.”

We can actually thicken our brain’s frontal lobes by long term meditation.  That is very interesting!  The density of our brain can be altered by such practices, like a muscle getting larger with exercise.  Here is another article to confirm that:

When Buddhist monks were tested during deep meditation, monks with years of meditation experience showed dramatically higher gamma wave activity in their brain.  Gamma waves are considered links to consciousness.  brain-lobesWhat is intriguing from an occult view is that the frontal lobes, along with the pineal gland, are considered the “Third Eye”. 

The Third Eye is a way of describing the area in our brain that is a link between the physical world and the spiritual world. It is associated with clairvoyance, second sight and contact with higher dimensions.  This was thought to be the Pineal Gland at the center of our brain.  But it really is our frontal lobes, the seat of our consciousness.  It is fascinating that science has physical evidence of our Third Eye and how it is modified by spiritual exercises. 
If you want to experience your own Third Eye, close your eyes and feel your consciousness…where do you feel you dwell?   In your forehead’s frontal lobes.  Along with meditation, if you want to develop your third eye and its potential, try this as an exercise.  Again close your eyes and imagine you can see with your imagination.  Look at your surroundings with closed eyes but visualize the area with your mind, your third eye.  In time this visualization will become uncanny.  Done regularly this will thicken your frontal lobes!

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8 Responses to “The Third Eye”

  1. Jen Says:

    Um…this is probably a stupid question, but why do I want to thicken my frontal lobe?

  2. David Says:

    What? You don’t like the Neanderthal look? That is not very PC, is it? The enlarged, heavy brow is quite the new thing. Thick frontal lobes are all the rage!

  3. Jen Says:

    Yep, I’m pretty shallow that way. 😉

  4. Lauren Says:

    I love psychology, so this was fascinating. Thanks for the info.

  5. David Says:

    Hi Lauren, I like stories where science and spirituality seem to get close to each other. There are real scientific mysteries that are as fascinating as anything paranormal.

  6. Nostradamus Says:

    Ok, the thing is, my consciousness probably resides in the middle-back part rather than the frontal lobes. Now I see the purpose to meditation and the historical set-up within which it reverberates…the migrations must have had a higher number of ADHD people.

    I have begun to see things using the frontal lobes rather than using peripheral vision, but I can’t make the frontal lobes the ‘default’ way of sensing sensory stimulus. How do I build the muscle and improve its connectivity?

  7. Nostradamus Says:

    I might be sensing things using the Occtipal or Parietal lobe– which leads to a much broader and less intense vision. I need to bring this consciousness, the default place, to the frontal lobes. Would it be reasonable that meditation can contribute to that? Is that what opening the third eye means?

  8. Nostradamus Says:

    What is occult today is the science of the next millenia. After all, it has got a method, right?

    Let it remain buried in darkness! It is necessary for us to preserve our humanity.

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