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fold once

fold once

In the spirit of approaching Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d offer something for those looking for love.  A Planetary Love Talisman of Venus!   Few things in life are as subject to the whim of fate or chance as finding love.  When trying to find someone special, there is always the element of chance involved.  To be at the right place at the right time and then say the right thing…is there a way to gain some advantage over this element of chance?  Possibly.

I don’t present something new, but something old…very old…the power of talismans.  Above is a talisman I put togehter.  Talismans are symbolic objects that are imbued with spiritual force to work towards a specific task.  What is our goal?  Do we wish to gain the love of a specific individual?  Or do we wish the Universe to find us love?  Each requires a different approach.  

fold twice

fold twice

Our first step is to print out the image at the top (right click and print).   Then we cut out the square and fold it along the lines as shown.  This will be our talisman. 

Next we need to create a sigil, which is a pictorial symbol of a name.  This Talisman has the numerical square of Venus on it.   Using numerology, we will give a numerical value to each letter of a name.   Then draw lines connecting the numbers related to the letters on this square.  I have provided an example of my own name David…D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D=4 .  If we want the love of a specific individual, then we will draw their name/sigil on the talisman.  If we want the Universe to decide, then we will draw our own name. 

Copper is the metal that symbolizes Venus.  I would put a copper penny in one of the sleeves when folded, and then paste it shut.  Only use a copper

David Sigil

David Sigil

penny from 1981 or earlier.   Pennies from 1982 or later are made of zinc and should not be used.  I suggest the date of the penny should be the birthday of the name on the talisman.  If the birthday is after 1981, use numerology to match the name with a date.  The process of finding this coin is part of the process of creating the talisman and of focusing our intent.

Hold the completed talisman and pour our conviction, our knowing, that the Universe will work to our favor and let this object symbolize our intentions.   A talisman is a tool very similar to the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction suggests the use of a vision board where photos of our goals are pinned on a board to reinforce the process of visualization and focused desire.  It is not hoping, or wanting, but an act of knowing, of faith, that the desire will come to pass.

The power of this talisman works best when it is used to focus on our own self-improvement and not on other people.  Our goal should be to love our self first.  If we don’t love our self, why should another love us?  If we let past events, or bitterness, or a bad attitude rule us, we will attract that in return.  The goal is to be happy with one’s self, and try to be the best possible person we can be.  If we attain that, others will naturally be attracted to our newfound charisma.   Use the talisman as the tool to focus on self-improvement, and we will find the world will be drawn to us.  The trick to finding love really is to love one’s self first. 

Sigil for the name Victoria

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  1. Cat Says:

    Hi Dave,
    I had a quick question. After the talisman has been made, what do you do with it? Are you supposed to carry it with you? Sleep with it under your pillow?
    I also wanted to let you know that you have a great web site! Very cool topics.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Cat,

    There are differences of opinion on what to do with a talisman. Some recommend that they be kept in a secret place at home, and let it do its job. My opinion is it should be kept close to you, maybe in a purse or wallet. What I failed to mention is that it should NOT be shown to people. Keep it secret no matter where you have it! After it is successful, destroy it by fire.

    And thanks for the kind words about my site. I am new at blogging and discovered it is more time consuming the I expected. But it is fun!


  3. Timon Weller Says:

    I have not seen one of these for ages hey, there so mathematical these talismans.. Helps to be good at maths with these ones. :)

  4. David Says:

    Hi Timon, Yeah it takes a bit of time to make a talisman, which is the point I think. The process focuses the mind, and the focused mind really is the point of a talisman.

  5. will Says:

    question on the math part, is it just the first name?
    I am a bit confused on the letter to number part, like A is #1 and L is #3 so I make a line from 1 to 3? then the next two letters go with another or they all have to connect?

  6. David Says:

    Hi Will,

    We could use our full name, first and last name combined. But that is not essential. We really are known by our first name, that is our personal name, and that works fine too. I added to the post the Sigil for the name Victoria. Notice the R and I both are number 9. In that case, you make a small semi-circle (shown above).

  7. UnsandaAderry Says:

    Спасибо Яндексу, именно благодаря ему я нашла этот замечательный форум.
    Думаю здесь я останусь надолго.

  8. Moonchild Says:

    Hi there,

    You really didn’t discuss charging the talisman. What is your method/ritual of charging it? Or do you not charge it?

  9. David Says:

    Hi Moonchild,
    Charging a talisman is a whole topic in itself. But is charging really essential? I tend to think the process/ritual of creating the talisman is what imprints it our consciousness. But charging is important in that it seals the deal. In my next post about talisman I’ll offer ideas about charging.

  10. SENSATION Says:


  11. SENSATION Says:

    & my comment on “I know people who have spent a lifetime in the pursuit of attainment at the expense of others, and they never seemed to suffer any adverse consequences” well, David, you say it your self “what goes around comes around” & this is true!, the only it may be not in this life…,but it surely will sooner or… next life…, plus we are the ones that choosing our experiences we wont to go through in this life when we are in spirit world & even to experience be a killers…

  12. David Says:

    Hi Sensation,
    The three lines will be beside each other. Interesting combination you have there! As for when it will start working, that is anybody’s guess. I think of talismans as tools related to the law of attraction. We manifest reality by our thoughts. Will it work without your boyfriend’s knowledge? I really don’t know. Let me know if it does!

  13. David Says:

    Sensation, I think we eventually get what we deserve in this life, and then the next. It just might not happen the way people expect.

  14. apocalypso Says:

    Hi David,

    just one question, actually I’m just curious why you didn’t draw a square around the number which corresponds to the sum of the digits!? It is suppoused to be 7 for Victoria?

    Kind regards,

  15. Leonard Says:


    I think the day of Venus is Friday. This Friday I may print this talisman , so please give the correct time to take this print and charge it as well.

  16. Leonard Says:


    Should the print be in color or Black & White?

  17. David Says:

    Hi Leonad,
    I am working on a post about magical timing, taken from the Keys of Solomon. I will be posting a chart about the hours and days of the week based on the planets. The tricky part is figuring the hour by dividing the daylight or night time by 12, it varies everyday due to the seasons. The hours of Venus on Friday are 6 am, 1 pm, 8 pm, and 3 am, so those would be the time to create the talisman. However, a daylight hour is not necessarily 60 minutes, the winter daylight magical hours are shorter, the magical night hours are longer.

  18. David Says:

    I would use color. Red symbolizes passion.

  19. S Says:

    Hey David,
    I was curios if you could me send some titles, of books from which I could make my own talisman, I mean by using some special alos etc. etc.
    I had this old book, but I lost it when I was moving, there where really complicated talismans, based on “The lesser key of Solomon” I was looking for actual recepie in the lesser key and greater key, but writter, only informs us about pentacles for evocation, but I’m interested in talisman, which You can carry with you, and they will help.
    I need books with manual step by step.

  20. David Says:

    Hi S,
    A book that might be useful is by Israel Regardie, named ‘How to Make and Use Talismans’. It is pretty good.

  21. David Says:

    It is very easy to find a copper penny. Look in your change for any U.S. penny dated 1981 or earlier, those are copper. I find them every day. The search for a copper penny with a date that matches you in numerology is actually part of the process of creating a talisman. When you find that penny that is meant to be used for your tailsman, then it becomes your lucky coin.

    For more information on the material makeup of coins, here is good site to checkout:


  22. ztephz Says:

    hello david,
    right now im here in the philippines, is really hard for me to find a copper coin, can i replace it a round shape copper? and thank you so much, for your respond.

  23. David Says:

    Ztephz, you could use any shape of copper. The ultimate talisman of Venus would actually be engraced on a plate of copper, but that would be a big task.

  24. ztephz Says:

    by the way, in making this, what day should i make this? friday? during a full moon or new moon? and again thank you so much

  25. David Says:

    Areety, I am sure older UK pennies are copper, but you might want to check when that was. They probably moved away from copper like the US did. I don’t know enough about the coinage of the UK.

  26. vigil Says:

    Is there a way to specify the physical and personality characteristics of our ideal lover in the talisman? for example; say I wanted the universe to find me a lover with dark brown eyes, how would I symbolize that? can I make sigils for characteristics? or what if I were to enclose a picture of someone who resembles my ideal? I’ve heard of people having success with including the characteristics of their ideal lover in the talisman, but I’m not sure how it works. This is the only web page I have been able to find which broaches the subject. Thanks.

  27. David Says:

    Hi Vigil,
    Unless you have a specific person in mind, I’d suggest we let the Universe pick who would be our ideal love. Often what we think is important may not be so. We may overlook love because we have closed our minds to different possibilities. Be open and listen to the Universe’s subtle whisper. If we have a list of requirements, I fear a talisman can’t overpower our preconceptions. These are subtle forces at work.

  28. Sy Says:

    Hello David. If i want to make this talisman for a person likes me( for exemple), , i shold write just the name of person OR my name + the name of person?

  29. David Says:

    If you have a person in mind, just use their name as the sigil on the talisman. However, I had not thought of combining two sigils on one talisman, your own and the name of the person you desire. That might not be a bad idea. The point is to use the talisman as a focus for your wishes. Tap into the power of the Universe, very much in line with the law of attraction. Transform yourself into someone who gives love, and the one you desire may see in you the power of the Universe.

  30. Jonny Says:

    Does your the talisman have to be in color?

  31. Jonny Says:

    I say that because its the same arguement as the synthetic oil vs pure essential

  32. David Says:

    Hi Jonny,
    I’d suggest color is important symbolism. We want many symbols in sympathy combined. I’d go with color. Red is the color of love. To the modern eye, green could be the color symbol for money, and so on.

  33. wilder Says:

    hi. is it compulsory to use a copper penny? ty

  34. David Says:

    Copper is the traditional metal of Venus. It’s purpose is mainly symbolic, but that is the whole point of the talisman, to be a symbolic creation. So no, a copper penny is not compulsory.

  35. Kat Says:

    Looking at the Hebrew part of the talisman, it seems this is specifically focused for having children, not necessary finding love per se. The first one says that the 2 flesh become one (which would be appropriate for any relationship of love) but the second one focuses on the biblical command to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…If you have any more information on the use of this talisman for those who don’t want kids, or have already had enough, it would be helpful.

  36. David Says:

    Hi Kat,
    You offer an interesting idea. Love is often linked with creating a family. But that is only one aspect of love. There is romantic love, love of family, love of friends, love of humanity. Each could use their own special talisman. A friendship talisman would be no less important to the lonely and friendless then a love talisman would be for those looking for romantic love. I think finding romantic love is the first talisman we alll need, it is built into human nature. After that family and friends become important.

  37. Ivana Says:

    hy David,

    I am momentary in studying of talismans, and I cannot find anywhere language on talismans.
    I see you use Hebrew, but I could not purify images I’ve downloaded from your site enough to clearly read it, cause I haven’t spent much time with reading language itself.
    I was wondering, if you would have some reference book or something similar for those inscripts on talismans you could recommend?

  38. David Says:

    Hi Ivana,
    I used the talismans from the Keys of Solomon. You can find online sources with the images!

  39. Zodiac Says:

    Will I go to Hell if I make a talisman?

  40. David Says:

    Hi Zodiac,
    I suppose it depends on your beliefs. If anyone is not comfortable with the idea of talismans, they shouldn’t use them. A Catholic could use one of their medals devoted to a saint instead. Talismans can take many forms and many times we don’t even realize that is what they are. Anyone have an angel on their keychain?

  41. M Says:

    Hey dave,

    can i mail you in private i am having some relationship issues!

  42. David Says:

    Hi M,
    Sure, email me, but I can’t say I’ll have any good answers!

  43. Peter Magus Says:

    The 3rd pentacle is intended to bring love unto the person it is shown to – it is a talisman of benediction for others. The 4th is a talisman to attract a person to you – not necessarily for love. Venus is not a planet ‘of love’ – the spirits of venus govern beauty and relationships. That can translate to love, but it can mean a lot of other things is well. The goddesses of Venus have always been those of beauty, art, and yes, love, the family, etc. For bringing love specifically into your life, you want the 5th pentacle.

    They may just be interesting occult mysteries to some individuals, who could hypothetically be using any arcane looking image to affect the basic law of attraction work; but understood and properly utilized these pentacles are powerful magic. They were not intended to encourage self-growth, either, or reflection on the inner qualities that make us love ourselves – they were intended to create a magical effect; and when properly made they do.

  44. Peter Magus Says:

    Also the magic square itself is the template for other patterns, and is not actually used as a talisman in and of itself. Other squares are, but those are based largely on letter formulas rather than mathmatical formulas. The magic squares of the planets represent the raw objective force of a given sphere ‘perfected’ and ordered according to the human will. Hence their use as a template – we are drawing on the refined power of the planets by using them, and finding within that perfected force the evolved patterns of intelligence – hence the spirit and intelligences of the planets being determined by the patterns created in the magic square. Drawing a person’s name in the square is helpful but tenuous at best. It would be better to obtain the person’s birth information and determine the name of their genius or, for compulsion, their demon using their chart – this process doesn’t require time of birth.

    The process of making the talisman also is not enough to consecrate it. If this were true then all handmade things would carry an unusual magical current with them (they do, but it isn’t unusual in the way that of a talisman is). They must be made with intent, and under conditions reflecting the current you want to establish – whether that’s the right setting, the right auspices, using the right materials, etc. Getting all three of those is best, but proper consecration requires at least one of them.

  45. Peter Magus Says:

    And that’s an attempt to supply proper education rather than criticize. Talismanic magic is among the most reliable and easiest magics to execute, but does have a basic formula that can be dressed up to just about anyone’s traditions and beliefs.

  46. David Says:

    Hi Peter Magus,
    Thanks for your insightful comments. You are correct and your thoughts are appreciated. However, I approach talismans for use by the general public differently. For a novice, how best for someone who is not an occultist to use a talisman? The law of attraction and using a talisman to promote self-improvement is a good start. And it is true as well. Talismans can clearly work on that level effectively. In the end, the ultimate purpose of occultism anyay is to become connected with our higher self and attain enlightenment. Improving our self is far more powerful then any magic, and magic that assists in self improvement is the best use of it.

  47. solomon Says:

    hi david
    if ,I love Elizabeth in Elizabeth’s name to write to talisman or my name or both.

  48. David Says:

    I’d write the person you love in the talisman. You write your own name if you are looking for love but don’t know who that person will be.

  49. solomon Says:

    tank you david for mail

  50. owen Says:

    Dear Dav,
    i didn’t understand the part with coin. lets say i used a normal copper coin, what do you mean by the date on the coin should be the birthday of the tailsman. and then you said use nurmology to mach the number.

  51. David Says:

    Hi Owen,
    The metal of copper is the metal of Venus, so adding some copper to the talisman adds to its purpose. As for the date of the coin, that is just an extra effort in finding the right coin. The personal effort is partly what powers the talisman. The more effort, the greater its potency. You can ignore the date part if you want.

  52. shine Says:

    hi david ,
    i have few carer issues so was going thru your website !
    can i just mail u the issues.
    so that may be u can guide me little bit !
    its realy needed and imp !

  53. David Says:

    Hi Shine,
    I’m not sure what advice I could offer. But write me and I’ll see.

  54. shine Says:

    hi david,
    last two three days i am trying to send msgs its not working!
    can u provide any official email address !


  55. frencinne Says:

    can i use copper wire for the copper part?

  56. frencinne Says:

    …and what happens if they’re not burned? I was supposed to insert it in the hollowed core of my rose wand and seal it with clay ?

  57. Leon Scott Kennedy Says:

    Hello David

    hope ur fine and doing well, can you make more talisman like this because i have seen the power of these talismans and they are working pretty good and daily i m seen alots of people that are in trubles and they do need a help so it would be your kindness on them to help them on time i also made so of the talismans but i don’t get it they are not working i think . i m alittle confused makeing talismans of solomon so i would love to chat with you email by email Thank you soo much Dear David and i hope to see your replay soon.

  58. David Says:

    I can’t give much advice on the power of a talisman, since it is up to the individual to make them work. I’ll need to blog about that, since I get many question about the power of talismans.

  59. David Says:

    Such rules are voluntary.

  60. David Says:

    Copper wire is great. It is just easy to find a copper penny.

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