Here is a picture of Obama taking his oath of office with his hand raised.  When I saw this picture in the newspaper, I had to read Obama’s palm!  We have a great view of his hand for analyzing with palmistry.  What does it say?  Palmistry is not exactly a “hard science”; so reading the lines in our President’s hand is a matter of interpretation. 

palm-chart1First, lets look at Obama’s life line (marked A in the photo).  He has something special, a double lifeline!  That shows double vitality, a life full of energy and power.  His strong life line reveals a president full of vigor!

Obama’s head line (marked B) is strong and solid which speaks of a good intellect.  I noticed that the head line does not intersect either the life line or the heart line, it stands alone.  This speaks to someone who tends to be aloof, whose judgment is not overly influenced by the emotions of the heart line or the experiences of the life line.  Perhaps Obama’s coolness under pressure is reflected in his palm!

Obama’s heart line (marked C) is also strong and clear, and it soars upward.  This speaks to a rising compassion, and suggests a pretty normal love life.  What we don’t want for a president is someone who suffers from repressed or abnormal sexuality.  We’ve had enough of those types of politicians lately.  We need a leader with a healthy and normal emotional life, and Obama’s hand looks like a stable hand to me.

obama-palmObama’s fate line is most interesting.  It appears to be broken early on, but then goes straight up in an unbroken line.  No choppy days for our nation.  His path is clear, our destinies are clear.  From reading Obama’s palm, I safely predict better days ahead for our nation.

I am sure many of you are much better at reading palms then myself.  What do you read in the President’s hand? 

As for palmistry, this has become something of a lost form of divination.  People still consult horoscopes, or have their tarot cards read.  But nowadays, not too many people have their palms read.   I suggest this is because palm reading is really a pretty personal form of interaction.  Touching one’s hands and fingers, stroking and caressing the lines in our palms, is a petty intimate act.  Maybe too personal for strangers.

Our hands and fingers are very sensitive, full of nerve endings directly connected to our brain.  Hands are points of energy in our body.  They are the tools of our mind.  It is amazing how we can have such intricate control over the movement of our fingers.  I am amazed how a musician can control their instrument.   In ceremonial magic, there are occult gestures of power used to direct our inner energy outward.  I once saw something that was quite amazing.  In a darkened room, someone would touch their fingertips together, and slowly draw their hands apart.  When I looked with my peripheral vision, out of the corner of the eye, tiny visible streams of ethereal light were seen streaming between the fingers.  It looked like wisps of glowing smoke.  So it might not be a stretch to think that someone who is a true sensitive, or even just good at reading human nature, can examine our palms and discern facts about us. 

And speaking about occult gestures, I thought I’d end with a picture of our former Fearless Leader giving the devil’s salute!

The Devil's Salute

The Devil's Salute


  1. Jen Says:

    Poor Bush. Are you sure he wasn’t just speaking somewhere in Texas and doing “hook ‘em horns” ???

    Or maybe he was just ready to rock. ;)

  2. starjk7 Says:

    I hope his palm is giving us the right info. If it is, sounds good to me :)

  3. David Says:

    Well, some say the left hand is the hand to use for palm reading. In the photo we see Obama’s right hand. I personally think if we are right handed, that is the hand to read (or left for the left handed). We can only hope for better days ahead.

  4. Tracy Twyman Says:

    When I saw the photograph the first thing I noticed is that he is obviously wearing one of those Chinese magnetic bracelets that are supposed to give you good chi or whatever. I have one just like his.

  5. David Says:

    Hi Tracy,

    It could be a magnet bracelet. But i think that bracelet is a bracelet belonging to a soldier deployed in Iraq. Check out this link below and you’ll see that bracelet. Its the same one, I think.


  6. Fleur de lys Says:

    From what i see in his right hand, it is strong figures…i wish i could see his left hand sanice he is left handed…left is present in his case.
    Chirology is born on himmalayan plateau…good and particular science..as well as alchemy…ok look at this

  7. UK Iyer Says:

    I concur with you on Obama’s Palm Reading, especially the fate line which is headed towards the middle of mounts of Jupiter and Saturn — this is corroborated by Jupiter and Saturn being together in the horoscope (must be 10th house dealing wwith Karma – Profession). Should you find time, kindly take a look at http://inditimesfree4.blogspot.com/
    If you have a clearer pic of his palm, look for symbols of cot, conch, implements, drum, garland, Veena (musical instrument) on his palm/sole. Thanks & Regards.

  8. CL Rhoades Says:

    hope you are having second thoughts about what you ‘read’. Mr O has put a big x on our country! Now, we all need to get back to praying.

  9. David Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    I think Obama is doing an ok job. At least he is not making things worse, which is the most we can hope from any politician. I sorta like Romney, so I am open to voting for either of them. I get good vibes from both Obama and Romney. For once there will be an election where I won’t be disappointed if either Republican of Democrat wins. I felt VERY bad vibes from Bush, and that vibe was dead-on accurate.

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