What are ghosts? Are hauntings real?



Are ghosts real?  Throughout history people have had countless experiences with ghosts.  I’ve known people who had their own personal experiences.  These stories are true; the ghost experience is real.  The real question is…what exactly are ghosts?  Are they only a common type of hallucination? 

The occult view has its own theory of death.  According to occult theory, all living things have an ethereal body double that matches our physical body.  The ancient Egyptians called it the Ka.  Today we’d call it our aura, or chi, or life force.  This ethereal double is not our mind or soul, but seems to be the conduit or interface between the soul and physical reality.  Maybe it’s the pathway wherein the spirit and brain connect; where spirit, matter and the quantum force of electro-magnetism interact inside our neurons.

When we die, this ethereal double is separated from our physical body.  During near death experiences, this is the experience of observing one’s body and surroundings.  It does not have to be a death experience; there are stories of crisis apparitions, someone in deep distress can suddenly appear to loved ones far away.  Since the ethereal double (or ghost) exists inside of time and space, it is able to observe and interact (in a limited way) with physicality.  It is interesting that ghost phenomena can be largely interpreted as manipulation of the electromagnetic force, albeit with a purpose.

However, when separated from the physical body, the ethereal double cannot long survive and the double/ghost itself will “die”.  What follows is the part of the near-death experience where the deceased enters the tunnel of light.  This is the passage from our world of time and space and matter, into the endless world of Spirit beyond.  Shedding of our double, the soul forever departs our universe for whatever is after. 



Sometimes, after death, a person does not want to move on.  It could be because of some turmoil or tragedy, tasks left undone, regrets, or entrenched attachment to this world.  In their ethereal state, they might even think they’re still alive, but in a somnolent dream-like state.  Ghosts seem to attach themselves to a place, replacing their attachment to their body.  Their degree of self awareness will affect if and how they interact with our world.  Many ghosts are invisibly sleepwalking around us right now and we’d never know it. 



In my Jan. 14 ’09 blog, I wrote about a friend’s true near-death experience.  He did not get to the point of seeing a tunnel of light.  But he did encounter other ghosts in the hospital.  By examining these near-death experiences, we get valuable clues about how the “other side” works.  For instance, it seems ghosts can communicate with each other.  I’ve been to a haunting investigation where it seemed that multiple entities inhabited a location.  I suspect that ghosts might be drawn to others of their own kind.  Who wants to wander bodiless alone?  And a more powerful ghost might attract a following of other lost souls, even dominate them.  As time goes by, the ghost will lose its original human shape and eventually end up as a circle of ethereal energy…an orb.  

In my opinion, once a soul leaves it’s “ghost” behind, it leaves earth for good.  Can a medium contact the dead?  Maybe a medium can whisper to earthbound ghosts, but not the ghostless dead.   However…it just might be possible for our loved ones, outside of the circles of time/space, to contact us.  Someone with mediumistic abilities once told me that a man and a woman were watching over me.  She described my grandmother, but as a beautiful young woman, and deceased friend with uncanny accuracy.  I like the idea.  Maybe, just maybe, our loved ones do watch over us.  When the dead enter their tunnel of light…their loved ones are there waiting to greet them.  How did they know to show up in the first place?  They must know what we are doing!

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  1. Jen Says:

    I’m not sure why, but reading this made me think of the matrix theory. Yeah, there are those who actually believe the stuff from the movie is real because we can’t otherwise prove we’re not living in a matrix or simulation. Maybe it was the part where you talked about the ghosts living in a dream-like state.

    This will probably sound nuts, but there have been times when I’ve felt so disconnected from everything that I’ve wondered if our entire society isn’t already dead and just going through the motions because we’ve been collectively unable accept we’re dead…or we’ve got some sort of unfinished business, though the only thing we seem to be working towards as a common goal is destroying the planet and killing one another.

    Ah…it’s good to have a goal. 😉

  2. David Says:

    A lot of us sleepwalk through this life, let alone the afterlife. How many of us have not lived our life fully? As a friend of mine said, what he regretted in his life was not what he did (good or bad), but what he did not do. Wise words. If we let our lives pass us by, then we are like living ghosts. I am guilty of this myself sometimes, letting the tasks of everyday life distract me from living larger.

  3. Tara Says:

    I’m very sensitive to energy in general. I can see people’s auras, etc. I’ve definitely had supernatural experiences. My fiance is Christian, but keeps gently suggesting that I pursue these abilities, or at least remain open to them. Then I worry about it–and that’s part of his point. I spend a lot of time worrying. I’m almost afraid that if I don’t worry, I’ll become even more sensitive to this stuff. I certainly believe in it all, I just don’t know how I feel about working with it, nor do I know what I’m really doing, or even if I want to try. It’s strange. It’s comforting to know that you know something’s out there, too.

  4. David Says:

    I would really stay open to your sensitivity. That is a gift. The trick is to understand that you are a POWERFUL spiritual being. We really underestimate our potential. And to experience a touch of the truly spiritual is a rare thing that is worth its weight in gold. Most people will live their entire lives without experiencing that. If I were you, I’d develop your sensitivity. Develop it with strength!

  5. Jen Says:

    True that it’s a gift, though it can also be a curse…especially when you don’t know what’s going on or how to shield yourself from it.

    Tara, I’m going to send you an invitation link from a community I think might be able to help you out. I’m not sure if it will say it’s from me or the site though since I’ve never sent one out from there.

  6. Zera Says:

    Have you tried meditation with a guide or group?
    There are classes of all levels that teach you how to meditate and learn how to relax and open yourself to your unexplored abilities.

  7. David Says:

    Zera, that is good advice!

  8. Tara Says:

    Hi Zera,

    Thanks for that advice. Where would I find such a group? I’m leery about paying money for that type of thing.

    Jen – thanks for that link!

  9. Zera Says:

    Tara, Depending on what area you live in, you might want to check out a local college that might teach the theory of meditation and practices. These classes might have study groups or better yet group meditation sessions that you just might be able to join. It doesn’t hurt to experience the session and see if it is for you. As you know there is no quickness in meditation, it is a gradual practice that over time it will guide you to new expeciences.

  10. Larry Gossett Says:

    not good advice. the spirits of family and friends are not the ones you are talking to or dealing with. disembodied spirits are not dead people. they are fallen angels and nephilim that were destroyed in the flood and before. they are not all bound in some pit. many fallen angels are still roaming the earth right now and they can appear, sound, and behave just like the people you know. they know your sins. they know your life. they can use this to manipulate you. they are subtle when they want to be, violet otherwise. a little girl ghost. maybe. probably not. probably an unclean spirit(fallen angel). they don’t necessarily have to be violent or appear monstrous or grotesque, but can be both. you don’t need to be fooling around with this stuff. contacting the dead for any reason or considering this a gift is dangerous. it is not a gift. it is, if anything, a temptation. the bible clearly states not to contact familiar spirits. familiar is a reference to the thought that the entity is familiar in the sense that it is the friend or relative. It is not familiar in the real sense. It is not familiar because fallen angels and nephilim (unclean spirits). It is unlikely that even the nephilim would be involved, so it would be worse, the fallen angels. most fallen angels are not disembodied. they have normal spirit bodies like the ones still in heaven, as does Satan. a spirit body and a disembodied spirit are not the same thing. a spirit body, like Elijah who was taken up alive in a whirlwind, never died and his body was converted to a higher state of existence. A disembodied spirit would be one that was slain. It is possible for even an angel do actualy die, and lose their spirit body. If God punished the angels that sinned, he may have killed them, sending their disembodied spirits to the bottomless pit. the everlasting chains of darkness may not be literal and could refer to a chain or cycle of going from the pit to earth for a purpose and then returning to the pit when done. but, then again, this may not be true either. you see, no matter how you look at it, it is not worth risking your life, not to mention your eternal life, to pursue some paranormal study or whatever. fallen angels, disembodied spirits, good or bad, former human or not, it is dangerous both physicaly and spiritually. leave it alone.

  11. gwen Says:

    I have had a few incidents where I have been given messages from beyond. With the exception of one incident, none of them were scary. The one incident only scared me because I wasn’t expecting it…I was awaken by the spirit of a teen boy standing at the foot of my bed. I felt bad afterward, when I realised who it might have been and I missed the opportunity to forgive him for something that he had done before he died.

    When I am visited, it usually is a signal that someone I love or know is about to pass away. I usually don’t know who it is but I always pray that whoever it is, that God will grant them and their families peace. I pray the rosary for whoever it is. I’ve also been to a reading by John Edward. I went only to accompany a friend, but I was the one who was read. I find comfort in knowing that John Edward says the most important thing you can do is pray for the ones who have crossed over, and to validate the people in your life on this side. Evil spirits would not want you to pray or show love and compassion. Most of the stories of near death comfort the people who experience them. They no longer fear death, but know that they also have tasks they need to complete here on Earth. Listen to your heart/soul.

  12. David Says:

    I agree, if an encounter with the afterlife leads towards love and compassion, then that is a sign it is the real deal and not some evil spirit. i feel our deceased loves ones watch over us from heaven. How do we know this for sure? During near-death experiences, people find their dead friends and relatives awaiting them in the tunnel of light. They seem to know about their arrival…meaning they are aware of what is going on in the lives of the living.

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