Quite a while ago I visited the infamous Bachelor’s Grove cemetery with a couple of fellow ghost enthusiasts.  Bachelors Grove is a decrepit abandoned cemetery outside Chicago with a famous reputation for being haunted. 

bachelors-groveIt was really overgrown when I visited it. We all had our cameras ready, our recording devices on.  We looked around examining the area, took pictures and wondered if we’d possibly capture something out of the ordinary.  What I like to do when I visit a haunted place is to do a tarot card reading there.  It is my personal way of trying to make contact with whatever might be around.  I will do a layout with my deck of cards which I have owned since I was a teenager.  It is the only deck that I seem to get results from.  Perhaps my years of ownership with it is responsible for that.  I have had some interesting readings with that particular deck over the years. 

After looking around, I did a card layout on one of the tombstones.  There are not many intact tombstones left in Bachelor’s Grove, and few remaining I could lay my cards out on (picture above).  Know what?  I felt sort of weird doing a layout on someone’s gravestone.  It almost felt like desecration.   Heaven knows Bachelor’s Grove has suffered terribly from desecration over the years.  The place has a sad atmosphere, a feeling of loss.  I feel the cemetery’s abuse has been partially responsible for it’s haunted state.

Bachelor’s Grove has also been a place where people would practice occult rituals.  Who knows what practices, what acts, have been performed there over the long decades?   I can only imagine everything from amateurs trying to summon the dead or demonic, to genuine occultists, to criminal activity.  An abandoned cemetery attracts this type of activity.  If dark ceremonies are performed often enough in the same place, it will create a link with the darkest regions of the Unseen World.   I believe this is what is responsible for the haunted status of Bachelor’s Grove, a corruption of its original purpose, by the invitation of dark spirits by those summoning them.

And here I was doing the very same thing, if only on a tiny scale.  It is disrespectful to use anyone’s final resting place for such purposes.  I was using the cards trying to contact whatever was there, like a form of channeling.  If there were entities lingering around, the cards were an invitation to make contact.  Spirits cannot force themselves on us, but we can invite them in.  And that is what happened next!

After my visit to Bachelor’s Grove, I experience a bout of bad luck.  Nothing remarkably awful, just random bad events, one after another.  Enough bad luck that I began to wonder what the heck was happening, this was all very peculiar. Eventually I started to worry…I was getting a sense of unease which I can’t quite explain.  I talked with one of my comrades who joined me at Bachelor’s Grove, and he said he was having some bad experiences after the visit as well.  

One evening, sitting at home, I took some random pictures.  I was startled to see orbs in some pictures.  Never before had I ever see any orb in any photo at home.  I don’t take orbs in photos too seriously, as there are many explanations for them, but sometimes orbs can indeed represent something more.  I decided that something might have followed me home from my visit to Bachelor’s Grove.  I had invited something in.  So I thought it was time to purge any potential negative presence. 

The ultimate protection from any possible entity is to have a connection with a higher spiritual source, depending on our belief system…our concept of God or a Higher Self.  As living human beings, we are all mighty spiritual beings, stronger then an entity that we might encounter.  But if we don’t realize this, then we can be victimized by an entity.  Spiritual power is useless if we are passive and don’t understand our potential.  On top of our own inner strength, we can call on a Higher Power, which is superior to our own efforts alone.  We must truly believe in this Higher Power, but if we have this belief, we can banish any threat.  Which was what I did.  Afterwards, my bad luck also disappeared.  I learned a lesson…maybe reading cards on a gravestone is not such a good idea.


  1. Zera Says:

    So have you gone back to Bachelor’s Grove?
    Have you purged yourself from all the lingering bad luck?

  2. David Says:

    I have not been back to Bachelor’s Grove in awhile. I might go back again this summer to see if anything has changed there. I’d like to see it when it is not so overgrown. As for lingering bad luck, that is gone, thank goodness.

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  4. Your PC Info Says:

    Scary….I hope I never ever meet a ghost

  5. David Says:

    Ghosts are supposed to be harmless. But there are also evil entities out there who are not so harmless, those we have to watch out for.

  6. Winnipeg Psychic Readings Says:

    Lately I’ve found only a few sites that had good information like this! Keep it up!

  7. David Says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

  8. Timon Weller Says:

    Yeah I agree with David, its the evil or confused ones to watch out for.. Once you tune into there consciousness or frequency you may want to stop it.

  9. David Says:

    Hi Tim, some people think all spirits are friendly and harmless. That is not the reality.

  10. Geslina Says:

    I stopped at a very old, out of the way graveyard yesterday not far from where I live – and it occurred to me as I was walking among the graves and looking around that it is quite possible to “pick things up” and have them follow you when you leave….possible, but not likely. However, doing a tarot reading on a gravestone? Now that is just asking for it!! Sometimes I think my working frequently with the tarot is a risk for inviting things into your life no matter where you do it. This is why I have 87 statues of the Virgin Mary in my home, I figure it can’t help but to cancel out any of the negative. Glad to hear that your spell of bad luck went away. Maybe it was all in your head, but you never know!

  11. David Says:

    Hi Geslina,
    I view reading tarot cards as an exercise in using our intuition and also as a method of channeling, a bit of both. It’s always a good idea use some protection. The cards can be more powerful Ouija boards.

  12. susilo Says:

    hi david. may i ask, what card that comes out in the reading at the cemetery? cause i cant see all the card images clearly, especially the one in the rightmost bottom position.

  13. David Says:

    Hi susilo,
    There is a glare on one card while using the the Celtic Cross layout. At the bottom right is the Emperor reversed. The “final result” card is the Moon Reversed. There is quite a bit to read in this layout. It really is a negative reading. It reads like doom and gloom. It fit the situation.

  14. susilo Says:

    yeah. the reversed temperance ruins everything. kinda warning for me to not doing tarot reading in the cemetery. :p

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