Is it possible to initiate contact with aliens? It would seem to be impossible. How could anyone possibly make contact with beings from other worlds? It would seem that aliens contact us; we don’t contact them. They pick the place and time, and if someone is at the right place at the right time…. contact! So is it a fool’s errand to even attempt contact? Maybe so, but it would be interesting to try. By looking at cases of alien abduction, we can get a few clues about how to go about making contact ourselves.

First, are alien abductions real? People have genuinely experienced these phenomena. The real question should be, what exactly was experienced? Could aliens from another world be visiting us and interacting with us? It’s not impossible. However, I have a problem with literal physical aliens doing the tasks reputed to them. I tend to think a supremely advanced extraterrestrial civilization would be…subtler. Add to this the amount of effort required to abduct people…just imagine the physics involved in a typical abduction.

Nevertheless, contactees believe in their experience and this can’t be dismissed. I suggest this is all about a non-physical phenomenon that occurs inside our perceptions. Suddenly these remarkable stories become more plausible. Non-physical entities can at times interact with us. Then altering reality is not required, only altering our consciousness.

Most interesting are the outdoor alien abductions where someone is driving a car in a remote rural area. They see a light hovering on the empty road ahead. Intrigued or curious, they leave their car to investigate. Or their car stalls and they stare out at the amazing spectacle before them. They might see small humanoid figures emerge from the glowing light, approaching them…then they black out, without memory of what occurred afterwards. They experienced missing time. Here we have rural entities kidnapping and manipulating the minds of men. According to folklore this has been happening throughout man’s history.

Here is a typical abduction story online, with their almost universal elements, from the 100MileFreePress.net.


It sounds like a frightening experience. Yet, what price would we pay to have such an experience! That is the ultimate thrill of contact with the Unseen World. It would be the same as seeing a ghost…terrifying but at the same time proving the existence of life after death. Or having an out of body experience and then never fearing death again. To know that there is something more to life then just what we see around us. Which leads to this thought…

The Unseen World can NEVER force itself on us. The skeptic is impervious to any attempt at contact. Sensible people who’s heads are on straight, who know reality from nonsense, cannot be abducted. Just like an atheist can never see a ghost. The unseen world can be contacted only when it is invited in. We must initiate the process, consciously or unconsciously. As far as I’ve seen this has been true. The irony is that a skeptic will never be disproved his skepticism. Maybe it has something to do with the concept of free will, but the spiritual/supernatural cannot impose itself on anyone. This is both the perfect defense against abduction…and the greatest barrier to contact.


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    Ive had same experience. And my body was asleep and my mind awake and eyes. I heard loud piercing sound; different color lasers; and a skinny black figure with small arms and legs and it was not the old hag that tried to strangle me that i know about. The black figure i saw did not try to harm me. It moved very fast in the room, turned on the water and would come look at me many times. I could not talk or move. I called my doctor in the morning and he said it is the rarest sleeping disorder called Hypnagogic Experience. Its way deeper than just sleep paralysis that most people have. The doctor said it only happens to few people around the world. Scientists cannot find out the cause; they say its paranormal and cannot be explained. I would say more about other experiences ive had with witnesses ive been with and sleeping and awake. But i dont like talking about ET’s or ghosts due to the pictures my friend i got at lookout mountain and in fairmount cemetary is enough to change peoples view on life and exsistance. I will say one thing if you do go looking for a ghost bring a camera like 8 megapixel camera or higher to pick up the elctromagnetic field around you. I believe these activities happen to people who are too sensative to energy around them or it targets certain people for a reason i rather not know.

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