Are Faeries real? Unlike ghosts which many people have had personal experience with, faerie encounters are almost nonexistent. It would seem that faeries are only folklore. Then again, maybe not! A theory that I have heard which is credible is that faerie encounters are actually fairly common but misunderstood. This theory is that the UFO phenomena are actually faerie phenomena.

John Keel, author of books on UFOs such as The Mothman Prophecies, came to the conclusion that the UFO phenomena is not about extraterrestrials, but is about earthbound non-human intelligences that have existed on earth and interacted with mankind throughout history. This non-human intelligence seems to take various forms and lacks solid substance. What are these “terrestrials”?

They seem to be faeries to me. Worldwide, folklore is filled with stories of faeries that seem to conform to a region’s culture yet still share many similarities. In the modern world, it seems the faerie have once again conformed to our modern culture and have taken the appearance of “aliens”. The similarities between UFOs, alien contact and faerie are remarkable. Abduction, time distortion, sexual intervention, entering different realms is among the phenomena that fit both alien and faerie contact.

If Faeries and UFOs are the same thing, what does this say about attempting contact with either? In folklore there were ways to summon faerie. Today, this would equate with trying to summon contact with “aliens”. How do we go about doing this? I think the important thing is to have a realistic viewpoint of what we are attempting. We are not summoning sugarplum pixies with gossamer wings. We are attempting to summon entities whose nature is indeed alien-like, aloof and potentially dangerous.

Trying to summon something that we don’t truly believe in won’t ever work. It is pretty hard to genuinely believe in pixies, sprites and such beings, and even the smallest amount of skepticism will doom any attempt at contact. However, to believe in the UFO concept is an easier leap of faith. So the first step in summoning contact is to define the target correctly. We are going to attempt contact a UFO, and strange lights in the sky will be the first sign of success.

3 Responses to “WHAT ARE FAIRIES?”

  1. Rei Says:

    I think the reason there are fewer reports of faerie sightings is more due to the fact that reporting a ghost sighting is more acceptable. Even among a group of open minded people discussing the paranormal I’ve gotten patronizing reactions and pats on the head if I even hint about my many experiences. Seeing little people from the garden is somehow crazier than little green men from space :)

  2. David Says:

    I agree with you Rei. You are very fortunate if you ever have the privilege to see a faerie. That would be priceless. The tricky thing about the faerie is that they use glamour to confuse us, to appear as how we imagine them to appear. Since the modern world no longer believes in faeries, they appear now as aliens in UFOs. I think all UFO abductions are actually spiritual events. They are ethereal beings that interact with us on our own level of imagination.

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