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I like fairy tales.  Modern adaptations of fairy tales are watered down versions of the original tales, which can be pretty graphic.  It can be fun to speculate about the theme in any fairy tale. What is the message behind the story? These stories are meant to be fun but also serve as cautionary tales.

For example, what is the symbolism of the giant, troll or ogre?  They serve as a story’s antagonists for sure.  But I think these creatures also serve as metaphors for the capricious and dangerous side of the natural world.  In the past people were at the mercy of the natural world.  Drought, famine, pestilence, blizzard, and flood…people had to defend themselves against the unexpected forces of nature.  At times the natural world must have seemed almost alive.  And so the ogre symbolizes the dangerousness of the world outside of home.    

In today’s modern life nature is not as dangerous as it was centuries ago.  We don’t have to worry about having enough harvest to last the winter.   Yet, in the modern world we have new worries.  Modern worries.   Instead of a bad harvest, we worry about losing our jobs, worry about our retirement, fret about paying the bills.  We worry about survival just as people did centuries ago, but in a different way.

With our modern anxieties we also have modern fairy tales.  Much of popular culture is a modern fairy tale.   Horror movies speak to our fears; romantic comedies speak to our dreams.  Instead of cautionary tales concerning the precarious nature of life, popular culture offers escapism.  Yet the old symbolism still exists in our modern fables, if we look closely enough.

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  1. Arlene deWinter Says:

    You have an interesting take on this. As a Faery Seer, I agree about the ‘symbolic’ interpretation of Faery Beings and Fairy Tales, but only up to a point. These beings are also very real and have a profound impact on your life if you have dealings with them.
    For instance my Holy Grail Tarot is the result of my LITERALLY walking into Faery through huge portals that opened up in my apartment, visits by 3-D holographic light beings having to do with the Grail, and constant teachings via dreams and visions by the Tuatha de Dannaan. I have lots of these experiences. They make for great fairy tales.
    Good blog!

  2. David Says:

    Hi Arlene,
    That is very interesting! I think these beings exist too. Folklore suggests the Faery can appear in any form. I heard theories that the whole UFO abduction experience is actually the Faery appearing in a form that the modern mind would accept. A question…why do you think the Faery visited you? Was it something you did?

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