My father died on Christmas day, and his last words

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My Father

My Father

My father died on Christmas day.   It seems like dying on or near a holiday is fairly common.  He was in hospice and suffered from lung cancer.  It was obviously a difficult time for everybody.  I have theory why some people die on or near holidays.  They want their loved ones to be near and not at work.

On Christmas Eve he started to have pain.  I think his organs were beginning to fail.  He groaned in pain and swore like a sailor.  We tried to relieve his pain, and called hospice for morphine.  But it was Christmas Eve and getting assistance on that day was difficult.

As he suffered I stood by helpless.  Finally, father told me something.  Dad said, “I’m not in pain anymore”, and he slipped into a coma.  Those were his last words.  Later that evening the morphine finally arrived, but it was too late.  He didn’t need it now.  He died the following day, on Christmas day.

Dad was conscious when he spoke those last words.  I’ve pondered what they really meant.  Was it just no pain?  Or had his soul started the process of leaving his body where there is no pain.  There are accounts of this, where souls leave the body while the body is still alive, but now just a body without a soul.  I’d like to think that is what he was telling me.  No more pain as he began the transition to out-of-body.

As for hospice, it is not exactly as advertised.  They really don’t do much except provide a medical bed and some medical equipment.  The need for a caregiver is not provided and is up to the family to arrange that for themselves.  Don’t expect too much from hospice.

I miss my father.  I am house sitting his home.  As I sleep in his house, I hear all manner of sounds, creaking and knocking.  It is an old house and they make such sounds.  I’ve not experienced any after death communication.  But maybe one day, in my dreams my papa will visit me.

Death of a Friend

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I had a friend I’ve know for over 14 years, who died recently.   He was an old retired guy who lived in the same building I did, and we got to know each other over the years.  He had a fairly remarkable life in his youth was one of the best pool players in the Chicago area.  Even as an expert in the game of “pockets” he was still an incredibly moral person, which is rare in that field.  The game never corrupted him.  He was always a smart and decent fellow.  We hit it off right away.

Recently he started to go blind.  He had good friends who aided him as blindness took over.  He was able to avoid going to a nursing home with the help of these friends.  He lived and died an independent man.  Dying in a nursing home was never going to happen as far as Jim was concerned.  He was a stubborn man, almost to a fault.  His name was Jim King.

I was unable to attend his funeral due to work obligations.  Afterwards, some of his friends joined me to lay a few flowers at his grave when I had a chance.  In the picture above, I am the man in black, and those pictured were those who helped Jim most.  I hope Jim noticed I overdressed for the visit, out of respect for him.

I had no Jim ghost visitations.  I don’t expect any.  He had family and friends waiting for him beyond.  He is playing pool in heaven with his buddies, with his family watching.


Jury Duty: Using Tarot Cards to Determine the Verdict

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jury duty

I’m called for jury duty, which is our civic duty. Can I use Tarot cards to determine the verdict? I think so. Let me explain why.

About a decade ago I was picked to be a juror on a murder trial. It was a gangbanger drive by shooting. The only evidence was the testimony of the witnesses’…rival gangbangers. They picked the leader of their rival gang as the shooter.

The bullet killed somebody in the household, thru the window. I don’t recall exactly who got killed. What I do remember is that the witnesses were from a rival gang…and I couldn’t understand a word they were speaking. They were talking jive…street slang. The prosecutor had to interpret what they said as if they were speaking Russian.

If an old grandma testified, I might have given some thought to her testimony. As it was, it was one gangbanger’s word against another’s. In the jury deliberations people played amateur CSI, based on what we saw on TV. They drew sketches on a chalkboard trying to figure out the trajectory of the bullet. OMG. This is really how jury’s work. TV CSI.

I have a better idea. Consult the spirit world.

Was the guy guilty? We had no idea. Some said he must be guilty of something, so let’s convict him. I wish I had my tarot cards with me. I would have consulted the spirits for an answer. Was this guy guilty? Only the spirits know. So in a future jury, I will consult the tarot cards for an answer. The cards have a wisdom that mere CSI may not.


Trial by Tarot. I like that idea! I want to experiment with this concept.

UFO Over Yosemite Park Quarter?

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This is perhaps the strangest UFO sighting of all time. Is there a UFO over the Yosemite Park, America the Beautiful Quarter? Just as UFOs are elusive, so is this UFO on the Yosemite Park Quarter. I came across this coin in my pocket change when I noticed something. There was a tiny UFO shape hovering over one of the valley rocks.

UFO OVER YOSEMITE QUARTERChecking out images of this quarter online, I did not see this UFO shape on any of these quarters. That was odd. Maybe it was just a scratch on the quarter? I am no coin expert, but it appears that this shape is raised from the surface, and not a scratch. Also of note, just below on the ridge is another raised bump. It is on the ridge itself and also doesn’t appear in any of the quarter images. Based on the shadows, it is raised from the coin and appears to be a die strike error and not a scratch.

Does anyone know of this is as a recognized coin die strike error variant? Has anyone else seen this? If so please let me know. Die strike variants are pretty rare, so this might be a one of a kind item; more likely there could be a number of these out in circulation.

It does make me wonder if this quarter’s aberration was a simple random minting error, or perhaps intentional by someone. The reason I ask is it reminds me of the scenes from the movie “Close Encounter of the Third Kind”. In that movie the UFOs hovered over Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, which resembles the image on the quarter. Was some U.S. Mint engraver a science fiction fan and having fun? Or perhaps it is just mysterious synchronicity at work.


Extraterrestrials Are Robots

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If extraterrestrials exist they are certainly not biological, flesh and blood aliens. That would be impossible.  I base this on the fact that matter cannot travel faster then the speed of light.  It is a fact, and anyone who disputes that fact can simply prove it wrong by showing the math and not depend on magical thinking.  Even assuming there is an advanced technology that could somehow warp space for faster then light travel, the energy involved would consume an entire star to briefly create such a wormhole.  It would not be economical.  Even our space brothers bow to economics.

I assume extraterrestrials would behave much like we would, using simple logic.  We sent many probes to Mars.  A probe is far cheaper then a human mission.  Let us assume in the future we want to explore planets outside our solar system.  We’ll send probes.   Assuming in the future if we have the technology to send a probe even half the speed of light, we could send hundreds of probes to explore our galaxy.  We won’t be alive to see the results, but future generations would.


Matter cannot travel faster then light.  A crew of biological aliens would take perhaps a thousand years to visit one planet.  We wouldn’t do that, and so would not any extraterrestrial civilization no matter how advanced.  Just like with our Mars missions, extraterrestrials would certainly send probes that could take hundreds or thousands of years to reach their destination.  And then it would take hundreds or thousands of light years to send back a signal at the speed of light.  The communication with such a probe would not be worth the effort…unless the probe used a quantum entanglement/teleportation “radio”.

If matter cannot travel faster then the speed of light, information might be able to.  Instantaneous communication using a probe with quantum entanglement might just be possible.  The trick is to send the quantum “communicator” first.   Once it is in place, instantaneous communication could be possible even thousands of light years away.  Why send our “space brothers” when a probe would do just as good?  I imagine that is how we’d do it once we mastered this extreme (but not impossible) technology.

If extraterrestrials exist, then they are watching us.  That is what we’d do.  Their probes would be a combination of artificial intelligence and robotics.  Robotics would have no need for food or air.  They would self-repair.  Artificial intelligence would be essentially immortal…they could travel for thousands of years on the way to their final destination.  If the original, biological life form still existed…who could say.

ALIEN ROBOT 2If physical aliens are visiting us they are certainly humanoid robots.  It is what we’d do in the distant future.  We’d use androids to collect information and spend it back using quantum “messages” from the mother ship.  A mother ship would have multiple probes (UFOs) and these probes might have extraterrestrials robots for closer contact.

What about alien abductions and the true accounts of contact with biological aliens?  Well, that is something different then the physical nut-n-bolt alien probes.  Or maybe extraterrestrials are connecting with us (if not physically)…if there is a true intelligence BEHIND the quantum tunnel.

Doubters can check out this intriguing article about quantum teleportation:

Quantum teleportation is just the latest mind-blowing innovation made possible by breakthroughs in subatomic physics


Space Alien Contactee Talisman

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I’ve created a Space Alien Contactee Talisman (pictured above). This talisman is intended for use with contacting with our space brother aliens. Assuming you want to.

First let me explain the design. It is a planetary talisman of the sun, our own local star. The top half uses the magic square of the sun.

The bottom half is a pentacle from the famed grimoire, the Key of Solomon. It is the First Pentacle of the Sun whose face is named “El Shaddai”. I picked it because he looks something like a peaceful Nordic space brother, and not a nasty Grey, Reptilian or Insectoid alien.

This is a typical talisman, but I added something different. In 1961 Betty and Barney Hill claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials. It is a long story, and a good review of the incident is in an article by Richard Thomas:

It concerns Betty Hill’s famed star map.


iron meteoriteHer star map reminded me of a planetary sigil. So I superimposed the star map over the magic square of the sun. The numbers connected very nicely. Now we have a sigil for space aliens.

To make it work, print out the talisman. Cut out the two circles. Put a meteorite in between the two and glue them together. The meteorite will help facilitate our nighttime communication.

Put it under your pillow at bedtime, and imagine an alien visitation. Visualize it…believe it. You just might become a contactee! Now, a good question is do we really want to be a contactee. That is for you to decide. I feel attempting to acquire secret knowledge is risky, even dangerous, but can be worth it for seekers of the unknown.

The secret pentagram hidden in the Fort McHenry quarter

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Fort McHenery Pentagram Quarter

Fort McHenery Pentagram Quarter

Summoning Spirits

Summoning Spirits

I find America the Beautiful quarters more attractive (and original) then the older state quarters.  And there is the possibility of secret occult symbols hidden in a few of them.  By design or accident one could be the Fort McHenry quarter.  I would call the Fort McHenry quarter the “Pentagram quarter” for subtly hidden within is a pentagram.

The design of Fort McHenry itself is in the shape of a pentagram (as shown on an old map).  This design is not illustrated on the quarter, but is implied by Fort McHenry itself.  In addition the rockets red glare above can also hint at ceremonial magic or the art of summoning spirits.

Magic circles and pentacles were used for summoning spirits, which would appear outside the pentagrams/pentacles.  Could the fireworks in the sky represent summoned spirits outside the fort’s pentagram?  It is dubious this was the intent of the design, but regardless the quarter can be used as a talismanic pentacle representing contact with the spirit world.  Call it our magic quarter that none will ever notice.

Fort McHenry Pentagrams


How The Urban Bigfoot Avoids Being Seen

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There are many reports of Bigfoot near urban areas.  This urban Bigfoot appears by campgrounds, outside homes next to forest preserves, even at trailer parks.  How does the urban Bigfoot get around semi-rural and urban areas and avoid being seen?

The secret of this urban Bigfoot is the “Bigfoot highway”.  What are these Bigfoot passageways?  The Bigfoot highways are our forest preserves.  An example is the Illinois Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway.  This links multiple forest preserves along the Des Plaines River, which passes very near Chicago.

As their website states:
“The Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway protects land along more than 85 percent of the river in Lake County, providing wildlife habitat, natural flood protection and outdoor recreation opportunities. The trail spans nearly the entire length of Lake County for 31 miles as it winds through 12 forest preserves.”



The most important aspect of this natural highway is that (by law) access is restricted at night.  These linked forest preserves are closed down at night.  Very seriously so.  Forest preserves can attract nighttime criminal activity.  If someone is wandering around at night they will be arrested.  Much of this area is very close to homes, and if someone spots a flashlight in the woods you can be assured the police will be alerted.

I’ve seen deer, even bucks in these forest preserves close to urban areas…food for Bigfoot.  If a nocturnal hominid traveled by night they would never be spotted.  What about our busy highways that regularly cut thru this wilderness?  Since this is a river, anyone could easily pass under the bridges.  I regularly drive past the river’s forest preserves and at night the woods are virtually invisible from the street.  I’d say someone could wander the entire length of the river at night without being seen.

What about sleeping during the day unnoticed?  Well, that is a problem I haven’t figured out yet.  This summer I plan on searching the local woods for Bigfoot.  If he is sleeping somewhere…I might find him.

Secret Occult Symbolism in America the Beautiful Mount Rushmore Quarter



People enjoy collecting the America the Beautiful quarters.  Little do we realize that hidden in some of these quarters’ designs are secret, occult symbols.  The occult symbolism is obscure, but it is there.

Let us consider the Mount Rushmore quarter in the America the Beautiful series.  It is a strange, striking design.  At first glance it appears to only show someone working on the Mount Rushmore monument.  Yet the perspective is striking.  It shows only two of the four faces, looking away from each other, presidents Washington and Jefferson.

JanusWhy only two in such a dramatic position?  This is suggestive of the Roman god Janus, the two-faced god.  The month of January is named after this ancient Roman deity.  Janus symbolized beginnings and transitions, looking both at the past and to the future.  Janus symbolized change.

Washington was the father, the beginning, of the United States.  On the quarter Washington looks to the left, behind us to our past.  Jefferson represented our future; especially with the purchase of the Louisiana Territory that doubled the size of the U.S.  Jefferson’s profile on the coin is larger signifying our growing nation.  The workers on the “Janus” monument represent us, Americans as a nation; we are still a work-in-progress, forever changing.

Should I mention Jefferson’s single visible eye, which the worker seems so focused on?  And is that guy a Mason?  This suggests the famous All-Seeing Eye, which appears on the back of the one-dollar bill.

rushmore jefferson all-seeing eye

The roman god Janus was used on ancient roman coins too.   Now we have a modern version of Janus as currency on an American quarter.  Next time you see one of these, consider the ancient Roman deity’s message for the United States.  Things change, always have, always will.  Be prepared!


Dreams that predict the future


dream of a road with potholes

Do dreams ever predict the future?  I’m convinced sometimes, yes they do.  We certainly make a mistake if we imagine every dream is a premonition.  But sometimes they are, and that is really curious.  How and why this happens on occasion is hard to understand.  Perhaps the subconscious mind understands matters our waking consciousness does not perceive.

How to know when a dream is possibly predictive?  There are clues.  One clue is when we need to talk to people about a dream remembered that seems full of significance but is not clearly understood.  These dreams are vividly recalled and have an impact.  I have such a story.

About three years ago I was giving a lift to a friend, and she starting talking about a dream she had.  In her dream she was driving down a road filled with potholes.  Some were small, some were large and one was the size of a swimming pool, crater-sized.  In her dream, as she drove down the road she had to swerve drastically to avoid the potholes.  There was traffic coming down the other side of the road as well, and the opposing side had potholes as well.  She had to swerve into this road and avoid the oncoming traffic.  When she approached the crater-sized pothole she thought she was doomed, but was able to avoid it.

Telling me about this dream, I suggested the symbolism was obvious…the road of life, the journey ahead will be filled with “potholes”.  Dangers lie ahead.  What these dangers would be the dream didn’t offer.  We talked about possibilities, but had not clue.  Something was waiting beyond the typical trials of normal everyday life.  I made a mental note of her dream.

Less then a month after our discussion, she discovered she had breast cancer.  She was suddenly cast onto a journey she never expected.  She took chemotherapy.  She was weak and exhausted by the chemo.  She still had to drag herself to work and earn a living.  While her health insurance covered most of her medical bills, going to work most everyday was difficult.  The chemo did not cure the cancer.  Eventually she had to have a mastectomy.  Her road was indeed filled with potholes, and surgery (and recovery from cancer) was likely the big crater in her road.

The good news is that with support from her family, she was able to endure this personal trial and is now cancer free.  She avoided falling into potholes and craters by doing what she had to…swerving and coping.

This past week she has undergone reconstructive surgery for her breast and is doing fine.

Sometimes a dream may offer a glimpse of the future.  This future may not be avoidable and thus we have to drive our car on the road of life with agility and caution.  She did not dream she crashed into the potholes but avoided them.  And so she did with her experience with cancer.

I want to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.